Computer awareness PDF Download

computer awareness pdf

Objective computer awareness pdf download: Computers have become an essential part of everyday life and each of us are connected with it and perform most of their day to day work through computers. The increase in need and demand of computer there is also a rise of computer awareness, so here we came up with … Read more

Conduct certificate PDF download

conduct certificate pdf

Conduct certificate pdf download: Conduct certificate is a certificate that certifies the behaviour of the candidates with a certain period of time at a specific place. The word “conduct” itself denotes the behaviour of the person, it can be for an educational institution, organization, private and public job and others. A conduct certificate is issued … Read more

Police verification form pdf

police verification form pdf

Police verification form pdf download: The police verification certificate is a type of documents that is issued by the Indian police or government authorities.¬†Police verification is mainly used to represent the previous record or criminal records of the candidates. It is needed for the different purposes like for the students who are preparing for the … Read more

PSTM certificate pdf download

pstm certificate pdf

PSTM certificate pdf download in tamil: PSTM certificate stands for Studied in Tamil Medium Certificate. This certificate is issued to the students who studied in Tamil medium school. The main purpose of this certificate is to prove that a student belongs to the Tamil medium. Students who have cleared their SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate), … Read more

Legal heir Certificate PDF

legal heir certificate pdf

Legal heir certificate pdf form download: Legal heir certificate is basically used to prove their legal identity or ownership after the demise of the family member for the related property or assets. Before going in depth we will first understand the term legal heir and their meaning- According to law legal heir means a person … Read more

Sumita arora python class 12 PDF

sumita arora python class 12 pdf

Sumita arora python class 12 pdf download: Computer science with python is one of the crucial subjects at a Senior Secondary Level of CBSE with an objective of creating computer qualified graduates. Python is a high level open source programming language. This book on python is a popular book that contains the concept of computer … Read more

Residence certificate pdf download

residence certificate pdf

Residence certificate pdf free download: Residence certificate is a type of document that certifies the permanent residence of the person. The word residence means the place where a person lives or resides. It is similar to the domicile certificate, if one has a domicile certificate then he can use it as a residence certificate. It … Read more

Cracking the coding interview PDF

cracking the coding interview pdf

Cracking the coding interview pdf by gayle laakmann mcdowell pdf: Cracking the coding is one of the popular books on coding that is very useful for all those aspirants who are preparing for an interview, exam and for learning purposes. The book is based on real experience interviewing at top companies and the results of … Read more