OMR sheet pdf download

omr sheet pdf

Omr sheet pdf download: OMR stands for Optical Mark Reader is a document that is used for reading the human marked data for surveys and various competitive examinations to mark their answer for multiple choice questions by filling in the blank oval shape figure. In the examinations students used to fill all the required information … Read more

Let us c pdf download

let us c pdf

let us c pdf by yashwant kanetkar: It is crucial to adapt new changes and skills and update with the time. With the increase in the demand of digitalization there is a huge career opportunity and scope in the field of digital marketing and there are many people who have made a successful career in … Read more

One word substitution PDF

one word substitution pdf

One word substitution pdf download: One word substitution means a single word that is used in place of phrase. It is very useful to present their words in a simple and easy manner. For the students who are preparing for the competitive examinations like SSC, IBPS, Railway, CAT, MAT, MBA it is very important to … Read more

Black book of english vocabulary PDF

black book of english vocabulary pdf

Black book of english vocabulary pdf: English vocabulary is one of the most important parts of english language and it is impossible to learn the english communication, english speaking, writing and understanding without having a good command over the vocabulary section. Students having a non english background face many difficulties with english language and sometimes … Read more

Manusmriti PDF Download

manusmriti pdf

Original manusmriti pdf in hindi download: The word Manusmriti signifies the law of manu. Manusmriti is an important ancient granth that contributed to the constructions  of hindu society. The entire book is categorized into twelve chapters that cover each and every aspect of human life. It provides a complete overview of ancient life 1500-2000 years … Read more

Age certificate PDF download

age certificate pdf

Age certificate pdf form download: Age Certificate is the official document issued by CMO (Chief Medical Officer) that certifies the Age of the concerned citizen. In a simple term the word age is defined as the state of being older or the time duration that a thing or human exists on earth. It is considered … Read more

Caste certificate form pdf

caste certificate form pdf

Caste certificate form pdf download: Caste certificate is mainly used to certify the particular caste of the citizens or it is used to prove the caste, religion of the citizen.   In India caste system it is the world  oldest form of surviving social stratifications and the Hindu is divided into four main categories: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, … Read more

Disability certificate download

disability certificate download

Disability certificate download: Disability means a state of the body or mind that creates a difficulty or hindrance in performing certain activity or work. In India there is some special provision and relaxation provided to the physically disable candidate that support him to pursue their career and dream, in government examinations there are relaxation and … Read more