Income certificate PDF

income certificate pdf

Income certificate pdf download: Income certificate is mainly used to represent the annual income of a family or household. Income certificate is issued by the concerned authority under state government that certifies the annual income of the family from all sources. For a country income certificate helps the government to actually know about the income … Read more

PSTM certificate pdf

pstm certificate pdf

PSTM certificate pdf download in tamil: PSTM certificate stands for Studied in Tamil Medium Certificate. This certificate is issued to the students who studied in Tamil medium school. The main purpose of this certificate is to prove that a student belongs to the Tamil medium. Students who have cleared their SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate), … Read more

Domicile certificate PDF

domicile certificate pdf

Domicile certificate pdf download: Domicile certificate is a type of certificate that is issued by the concerned authority that is used for getting admission in educational institutions or for job. It is usually issued by the residence state that proves that an individual belongs to our state or union territory. Domicile certificate or residence certificate … Read more

Conduct certificate PDF

conduct certificate pdf

Conduct certificate pdf download: Conduct certificate is a certificate that certifies the behaviour of the candidates with a certain period of time at a specific place. A conduct certificate is issued by the organizations, school, institutions etc. This certificate is mainly used as a proof of the behaviour of the individual in the previous company, … Read more

Internship certificate PDF

internship certificate pdf

Internship certificate pdf: Internship certificates are those certificates which stated that an individual or person have successfully completed their internship program in our organization in the respective area or department. It is issued by the organization where an aspirant joins and completes their internship program. Internship certificates contain various information like durations of the internship, … Read more

Character certificate PDF

character certificate pdf

Character certificate pdf: Character certificate means a certificate that certify a person or individual not possess any criminal record or activity. Character certificate pdf The character certificate is issued by the educational institutions, organizations, police to certify the previous record of the candidate in their organization or institutions.  Character certificate pdf details Certificate Name –character … Read more

Bonafide certificate PDF

bonafide certificate pdf

Bonafide certificate pdf download: A bonafide certificate is a type of document that certifies that a candidate belongs to a particular organisation or educational institutions.  The word bonafide is derived from the latin word that means in good faith. Bonafide certificate is issued by the school/ institutions/company/ organizations to certify that a person belongs to … Read more

EWS certificate pdf

ews certificate pdf

Ews certificate pdf download: EWS simply means Economically weaker section. It is defined as the subcategory of the people belonging to the general category whose annual family income is less than 8 lacs per annum. This reservation is not applicable on the people belonging to the SC/ST/OBC and other castes apart from general category. Ews … Read more

Medical fitness certificate PDF

medical fitness certificate pdf

Medical fitness certificate pdf: Medical fitness certificate/ medical certificate of fitness/ certificate of medical fitness is used for many purposes like joining a new job, travelling and others. Generally a medical fitness certificate certifies that an individual is fit and healthy and able to perform the recommended work or activities. It is a type of … Read more