Age certificate PDF download

age certificate pdf

Age certificate pdf form download: Age Certificate is the official document issued by CMO (Chief Medical Officer) that certifies the Age of the concerned citizen. In a simple term the word age is defined as the state of being older or the time duration that a thing or human exists on earth. It is considered … Read more

Caste certificate form pdf

caste certificate form pdf

Caste certificate form pdf download: Caste certificate is mainly used to certify the particular caste of the citizens or it is used to prove the caste, religion of the citizen.   In India caste system it is the world  oldest form of surviving social stratifications and the Hindu is divided into four main categories: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, … Read more

Disability certificate download

disability certificate download

Disability certificate download: Disability means a state of the body or mind that creates a difficulty or hindrance in performing certain activity or work. In India there is some special provision and relaxation provided to the physically disable candidate that support him to pursue their career and dream, in government examinations there are relaxation and … Read more

CSC certificate download pdf

csc certificate download pdf

CSC certificate download pdf online free: CSC stands for Common Service Centres that are used to deliver government e-services in remote or rural areas where the people are not aware to use the computer and internet services.  The csc seva kendra plan was approved in September 2006 and came into force from 16 July 2009. … Read more

Study certificate PDF download

study certificate pdf

Study certificate pdf download: Study certificate or educational certificate is issued by the educational institutions from where we complete our education. It is also used to certify the previous education of the students with school name and with other necessary information. Before going in depth of the study certificate first we will understand about the … Read more

PSTM certificate pdf download

pstm certificate pdf

PSTM certificate pdf download in tamil: PSTM certificate stands for Studied in Tamil Medium Certificate. This certificate is issued to the students who studied in Tamil medium school. The main purpose of this certificate is to prove that a student belongs to the Tamil medium. Students who have cleared their SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate), … Read more

Conduct certificate PDF download

conduct certificate pdf

Conduct certificate pdf download: Conduct certificate is a certificate that certifies the behaviour of the candidates with a certain period of time at a specific place. The word “conduct” itself denotes the behaviour of the person, it can be for an educational institution, organization, private and public job and others. A conduct certificate is issued … Read more

Police verification form pdf

police verification form pdf

Police verification form pdf download: The police verification certificate is a type of documents that is issued by the Indian police or government authorities. Police verification is mainly used to represent the previous record or criminal records of the candidates. It is needed for the different purposes like for the students who are preparing for the … Read more