Medical fitness certificate PDF

medical fitness certificate pdf

Medical fitness certificate pdf: Medical fitness certificate/ medical certificate of fitness/ certificate of medical fitness is used for many purposes like joining a new job, travelling and others. Medical fitness means the state of a person or individual that is unlikely to be associated with medical care or hospitalize illness. Generally a medical fitness certificate … Read more

Unmarried certificate pdf download

unmarried certificate pdf

Unmarried certificate pdf download in hindi: Unmarried certificate is a type of legal document that is needed to prove an individual is unmarried. It is mainly used to signify the unmarried status of the person. As the name suggests, unmarried means a person’s marital status is single. There are numerous aspirants who are preparing for … Read more

Death certificate PDF download

death certificate pdf

Death certificate form pdf download: Death certificate is a legal document issued by a medical issuing authority that is used to certify the death of a person. It is mainly used as a document that proves legal death to get various medical benefits, pension benefits, claiming life insurance and other.  It covers various information like … Read more

Life certificate PDF download

life certificate pdf for pensioners

life certificate pdf for pensioners: Life certificate for pensioners can easily be generated through online mode by visiting the official website. Life certificate or Jeevan pramaan patra is one of the most important documents in India for pensioners. It is a biometric enable service for pensioners used to benefit Central Government, State Government or any … Read more

EWS certificate pdf download

ews certificate pdf

Ews certificate pdf download free: EWS simply means Economically weaker section. It is defined as the subcategory of the people belonging to the general category whose annual family income is less than 8 lacs per annum. This reservation is not applicable on the people belonging to the SC/ST/OBC and other castes apart from general category. … Read more

Income certificate PDF download

income certificate pdf

Income certificate pdf download: Income certificate is mainly used to represent the annual income of a family or household. Income certificate is issued by the concerned authority under state government that certifies the annual income of the family from all sources. For a country income certificate helps the government to actually know about the income … Read more

Age certificate PDF download

age certificate pdf

Age certificate pdf form download: Age Certificate is the official document issued by CMO (Chief Medical Officer) that certifies the Age of the concerned citizen. In a simple term the word age is defined as the state of being older or the time duration that a thing or human exists on earth. It is considered … Read more

Caste certificate form PDF

caste certificate form pdf

Caste certificate form pdf download: Caste certificate is mainly used to certify the particular caste of the citizens or it is used to prove the caste, religion of the citizen.   In India caste system it is the world  oldest form of surviving social stratifications and the Hindu is divided into four main categories: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, … Read more