Cold Hearted Casanova LJ Shen EPUB

Cold hearted casanova lj shen epub: Get ready for a sizzling new romance from USA Today bestselling author L.J. Shen! Dive into a world where love, money, and unexpected connections collide in “The Billionaire’s Blackmail Bride.”  

Meet Riggs Bates, a billionaire who believes happiness can’t be bought. He keeps his wealth a secret and his relationships casual—until he’s caught in a scandalous affair by the ambitious assistant of a married newswoman. 

Cold hearted casanova lj shen epub 

Enter Daphne “Duffy” Markham, a woman with two clear goals: marry into wealth and stay in the States. But when her almost-fiancé disappears and her work visa nears expiration, Duffy resorts to blackmail as her last option.  

In a twist of fate, Riggs and Duffy find themselves entangled in a fake marriage, each with their own agenda. But as they navigate strict house rules and their mutual disdain, they can’t ignore the undeniable spark between them.   

Join Riggs and Duffy on a journey where lines blur, sparks fly, and fake might just turn into something real. Pre-order your copy of “The Billionaire’s Blackmail Bride” now and prepare for a rollercoaster ride of love, laughter, and unexpected twists!

About cold hearted casanova lj shen epub 

Book Name Cold Hearted Casanova
Author  L.J. Shen
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 422
Language English
Release date April 9, 2024
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