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Crossed emily mcintire download: In the town of Festivale, Vermont, two souls are entangled in a gripping struggle between righteousness and sin. Father Cade Frédéric, a devoted and holy man, carries a darkness within him, a sickness that seeks to consume evil. Raised in the streets of Paris, he has dedicated himself to the church and now faces a daunting task as the town’s new priest.  

Festivale may be charming in its architecture, but it is plagued with despair, and Cade’s sickness demands he eradicate the wickedness that lurks within.  

Crossed emily mcintire download

Amaya Paquette, a mysterious and alluring woman, leads a double life. By day, she cares for her younger brother, and by night, she becomes Esmeralda, captivating audiences with her dance. Despite her yearning for love, she guards her heart, fearing abandonment.  

When Father Cade encounters Amaya, he is spellbound, convinced she uses witchcraft to ensnare him. She becomes his obsession, his temptation, and a dangerous weakness.  

Determined to rid himself of this vulnerability, he contemplates a drastic act, even if it means sacrificing the woman he might come to love. 

Highlights from the synopsis: 

  • The story takes place in Festivale, Vermont, a town with beautiful architecture but riddled with despair.  
  • He is a holy man and priest who has a dark sickness lurking within him, which demands he rid the town of evil. 
  • She is a mysterious and beautiful woman who leads a double life. By day, she cares for her brother, and by night, she becomes Esmeralda, a dancer.  
  • Father Cade becomes ensnared by Amaya and believes she is using witchcraft to lure him in. He can’t stop thinking about her and considers her his weakness.  
  • Father Cade is torn between his duty as a holy man and the allure of Amaya, whom he sees as sinful.  

About crossed emily mcintire epub

Book Name Crossed
Author Emily McIntire
Format PDF
Pages 416
Size mb 
Release date August 1, 2023
Language English
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