From Data to Profit Vin Vashishta PDF

From data to profit vin vashishta pdf: In “From Data to Profit: How Businesses Leverage Data to Grow Their Top and Bottom Lines,” Vineet Vashishta, a seasoned entrepreneur and AI strategist, presents an engaging and enlightening perspective on harnessing the power of data, artificial intelligence, and technology within your organization.  

This book offers fresh insights into optimizing your company’s culture, strategy, structure, and operational framework to capitalize on disruptive technological advancements. 

From data to profit vin vashishta pdf

Vashishta delves into fascinating real-world examples of innovative projects and products, showcasing how reimagining organizational frameworks through the application of new technologies can yield high-value use cases.  

He outlines practical strategies for aligning your entire company, enabling each department to achieve their objectives while ensuring they have the necessary tools to embrace technology as a collaborative partner. 

By crafting a comprehensive technical vision that respects departmental autonomy while fostering collaboration, readers will discover the benefits of adopting a holistic approach to AI and data.  

From data to profit book pdf 

The book emphasizes the critical role of the CEO in maintaining the organizational culture throughout the transformation process and provides guidance on managing organizational change.  

It introduces frameworks such as the 3-Phase Data Organizational Development Framework, the Core <-> Rim 3 Main People Groups Framework and explores the implementation of new roles like the Chief Digital Officer and Technical Strategist.  

While data professionals, data organizational leaders, and data product owners will find “From Data to Profit” particularly relevant, executives, managers, and business leaders seeking practical advice for digital transformation within their firms will also benefit from the hands-on guidance offered by Vashishta. Kaplan Digital SAT Prep Plus 2024 PDF

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Book Name From Data To Profit: How Businesses Leverage Data to Grow Their Top and Bottom Lines
Author  Vin Vashishta
Format PDF
Pages 352
Size mb 
Release date July 13, 2023
Language English

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