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The protector susan stoker pdf: The Protector is a romantic suspense novel by Susan Stoker. The book follows the story of Army veteran, Haley, who now works as a bodyguard for a high-profile client, and her charge, Linh, who is the daughter of a wealthy businessman with many enemies. 

The romance between Haley and Linh is a major aspect of the novel and it is notable for its portrayal of a lesbian relationship in the context of a suspense thriller.  

The protector susan stoker pdf

Haley takes her job seriously and when Linh is targeted by a dangerous group, she goes above and beyond to protect her client, putting her own life on the line in the process. As Haley and Linh spend more time together, they develop a deep bond and attraction to one another, even though their relationship is forbidden. 

The novel is known for its gripping action scenes, intense romantic chemistry between Haley and Linh, and strong female characters. The book also explores themes of loyalty, trust and redemption, as Haley works to overcome her own past trauma while protecting Linh from danger. 

The novel highlights the physical and mental challenges of the profession, as well as the importance of trust and communication between the bodyguard and their charge.   

Susan Stoker is a popular author of romantic suspense novels, and The Protector is one of her most beloved books. The novel has been praised by readers for its fast-paced plot, engaging characters and heartwarming romance. 

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One of the unique features of the novel is its portrayal of the bodyguard profession, which is often dominated by male characters in popular media. Haley is a skilled and dedicated bodyguard, who takes pride in her job and puts herself in danger to protect her client.  

The book has been praised for its sensitive and realistic depiction of the characters’ feelings and experiences, as well as its portrayal of the obstacles they face because of their relationship being taboo in some contexts. 

The novel also features a diverse cast of characters including people of different races and genders and explores themes of prejudice and acceptance.  

Through Haley’s experiences as a woman in a male-dominated profession and Linh’s experiences as a queer person from a conservative background, the book sheds light on issues of discrimination and the importance of standing up for oneself and one’s beliefs. 

It has been praised for its strong character development, realistic portrayal of the bodyguard profession, and sensitive treatment of LGBTQ+ themes. If you enjoy romantic suspense novels that challenge traditional gender roles and tackle important social issues, you may enjoy The Protector by Susan Stoker. 

The protector susan stoker epub Details

Book Name The Protector (Game of Chance Book 1)
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 309
Author Susan Stoker
Language English
Release date  March 14, 2023


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