Alpha’s Regret My Luna Has A Son PDF

Alpha’s regret my luna has a son pdf: Everly’s life took an unexpected turn when she, Alpha’s eldest daughter and heir apparent, discovered she was carrying the child of the notorious Blood Alpha. 

Her world crumbled as Alpha Valen vehemently denied any involvement, and her own father turned his back on her, branding her a “rogue whore.” The pack shunned her for not conforming to their expectations, stripping her of her title and forcing her into a life of solitude with her newborn son.  

Alpha’s regret my luna has a son pdf

Years passed, and Everly fought to rebuild her life, yearning for the freedom she had been denied.  

Just when she believed she had escaped the oppressive grasp of her past, fate intervened. The Blood Alpha, now aware that he is her fated mate, has come to claim her and their son.  

Resentment simmers in Everly’s heart for the man who denied her child and subjected her to shame and suffering.  

As the undeniable bond between them tugs at her soul, she faces a dilemma.  

Can she resist and protect herself and her son, or will she succumb to the magnetic pull and embrace the role of his Luna? 

Here are the key points from alpha’s regret jessica hall pdf : 

  • Everly, Alpha’s eldest daughter, is next in line to become Alpha. 
  • Her life takes a dramatic turn when she becomes pregnant with the child of the notorious Blood Alpha. 
  • Alpha Valen denies any involvement with Everly, and her father disowns her, labeling her a “rogue whore.” 
  • Everly is ostracized by the pack for not terminating her pregnancy, loses her title, and is forced to live as a rogue with her newborn son. 
  • After years of independence and resilience, the Blood Alpha discovers that Everly is his fated mate. 

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Book Name Alpha’s Regret: My Luna Has A Son
Author  Jessica Hall
Format PDF
Pages 552
Size mb 
Release date October 12, 2023
Language English
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