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Codename charming epub: After the success of Battle Royal, acclaimed author Lucy Parker weaves another delightful romantic comedy centered around a fabricated romance between a gruff royal bodyguard and an effervescent, charming assistant who manages to thaw his icy exterior.  

Petunia De Vere finds joy in her role as the personal aide to the endearing yet somewhat hapless Johnny Marchmont. However, her position comes with its fair share of challenges, chiefly in the form of Matthias, the imposing bodyguard tasked with protecting the royal.  

Codename charming epub

Pet and Matthias stand at opposite ends of the personality spectrum—she exudes spontaneity and boundless enthusiasm, while he maintains an unyielding and reserved demeanor. Yet, beneath his tough façade, she detects a gentler side.  

For Matthias Vaughn, safeguarding others is his primary duty. However, ensuring the well-being of his royal charge proves more intricate than anticipated, largely because wherever Johnny goes, chaos follows, often ensnaring his petite, vivacious assistant.  

Matthias’s aversion to seeing Pet in harm’s way fuels his determination to maintain everyone’s safety, even if it means butting heads with his irresistibly adorable new colleague.  

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When an awkward incident leads to a potentially compromising photo in a gossip magazine, speculation arises that Pet and Johnny are romantically linked. To quell the rumors, the royal PR team proposes that Pet and Matthias stage a fabricated relationship, a suggestion met with reluctant agreement.  

Yet, as their pretend connection spills over into their personal lives, they begin to question the genuine emotions it might unveil. Especially when a passionate kiss leaves them both reeling…  

In this engaging tale, Lucy Parker crafts yet another enchanting romantic comedy, unraveling the blossoming relationship between two contrasting souls caught in a web of make-believe. 

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Book Name Codename Charming: A Novel
Author  Lucy Parker
Format PDF
Pages 382
Size mb 
Release date August 15, 2023
Language English
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