Corporate Chanakya by Radhakrishnan Pillai PDF

Corporate chanakya by radhakrishnan pillai pdf: Corporate Chanakya is a book written by Radhakrishnan Pillai, which applies the ancient Indian wisdom of Chanakya to modern-day corporate and business strategies.  

Chanakya was an Indian philosopher, teacher and royal advisor who lived in the 4th century BCE. His teachings and writings have been widely respected and followed in India for thousands of years, and his ideas have proven to be timeless and applicable in various fields. 

Corporate chanakya by radhakrishnan pillai pdf

The book is divided into seven sections, each focusing on a specific aspect of corporate strategy. The first section covers leadership, highlighting the importance of having a strong and effective leader who can inspire and guide their team towards success.   

Corporate Chanakya is a practical guidebook that offers insights into Chanakya’s teachings and how they can be used to enhance business and management practices.  

The subsequent sections cover various topics such as teamwork, motivation, time management, decision-making, and crisis management, among others.  

The book draws from Chanakya’s ancient texts, the Arthashastra, and the Chanakya Niti, which provide a deep understanding of human behavior and offer practical advice on how to navigate the challenges of business and life.  

The author has adapted these ancient teachings to the modern-day corporate world and provides examples and case studies of how they can be implemented in various scenarios. 

Corporate chanakya in hindi pdf

The book offers insights into how to create a positive work environment, foster teamwork, and motivate employees. It also provides tips on how to identify and address conflicts within the team and how to create a culture of collaboration and trust.   

One of the key principles of Chanakya’s teachings is the importance of strategic planning. The book emphasizes the need for organizations to have a clear and well-defined vision, mission and goals.  

It also provides a framework for developing a strategic plan and outlines the key elements of a successful strategy. The book also highlights the importance of analyzing and understanding competition, developing a strong brand, and building a loyal customer base.   

Another significant aspect of Chanakya’s teachings is the importance of building strong and effective teams.  

Corporate chanakya pdf in english

The book is an excellent resource for leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs who are looking for new ways to enhance their skills and improve their organizations’ performance. The book also covers topics such as time management, decision-making, and crisis management.  

It emphasizes the need for leaders to be proactive, make timely decisions, and have a clear understanding of the consequences of their actions. The book also provides strategies for managing crises and dealing with unexpected situations. 

Overall, Corporate Chanakya is a practical and insightful guidebook that provides a unique perspective on business and management.  

It offers a fresh approach to corporate strategy and provides practical advice on how to apply ancient wisdom to modern-day challenges.  

Corporate chanakya radhakrishnan pillai pdf details

Book Name Corporate Chanakya
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 340
Author radhakrishnan pillai
Language English


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