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Cracking the coding interview pdf by gayle laakmann mcdowell pdf: Cracking the coding is one of the popular books on coding that is very useful for all those aspirants who are preparing for an interview, exam and for learning purposes. The book is based on real experience interviewing at top companies and the results of hundreds of conversations with candidates. 

The book contains thousands of interview questions asked in many interviews and sessions that are contributed by candidates and interviewers. As the name of the book says, it is the best suit for candidates preparing for interviews.   

Cracking the coding interview pdf download

The book primarily focuses on the algorithm, coding, and design questions. Coding or computer programming is one of the demanding career opportunities where aspirants can make their career. As digitalization increases the demand of coders is also rising and there is a vast scope, a candidate can opt a job or can also be self employed.

There are many aspirants who failed to get qualified job interviews at top companies because of lack of knowledge, confidence but this book will definitely help you to overcome your fear by providing you a detailed overview about the interview process.

The whole book has fourteen chapters that structured the content in a very systematic manner, so that candidates can get the concept easily and understand the basics. 

It consists of multiple algorithm puzzles and problems to make the concepts and present enough learning so that aspirants can easily get the approaches to solve a new problem.   

There are plenty of books available on coding but it is essential to select the right one, it is designed to meet the requirement of candidates looking for the book useful to prepare for the coding interview.

Cracking the coding interview pdf details

  • Book Title – cracking the coding interview book
  • Author– Gayle Laakmann McDowell 
  • Format– PDF
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 542
  • Language– English
  • Publication-  CareerCup

Cracking the coding interview latest edition pdf Index

  1. The Interview Process 
  2. Behind the Scenes
  3. Special Situations
  4. Before the Interview
  5. Behavioral Questions
  6. Big O 
  7. Technical Questions 
  8. The Offer and Beyond
  9. Interview Questions
     Data Structures
    Chapter 1 Arrays and Strings
               Chapter 2 Linked Lists
               Chapter 3 Stacks and Queues
               Chapter 4 Trees and Graphs
    Concepts and Algorithms
              Chapter 5 Bit Manipulation
              Chapter 6 Math and Logic Puzzles
              Chapter 7 Object-Oriented Design
              Chapter 8 Recursion and Dynamic Programming
              Chapter 9 System Design and Scalabilit
              Chapter 10 Sorting and Searching
              Chapter 11 Testing
    Knowledge Based
              Chapter 12 C and C++
              Chapter 13 Java
              Chapter 14 Databases
              Chapter 15 Threads and Locks
    Additional Review Problems 
    Chapter 16 Moderate
               Chapter 17 Hard
  10. Solutions
  11. Advanced Topics
  12. Code Library
  13. Hints

cracking the coding interview book pdf
cracking the coding interview book

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