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let us c pdf by yashwant kanetkar: It is crucial to adapt new changes and skills and update with the time. With the increase in the demand of digitalization there is a huge career opportunity and scope in the field of digital marketing and there are many people who have made a successful career in this field. Let us C is a highly effective book for the aspirants who are seeking to learn a new programming language.

The book contains twenty three chapters and appendix and each chapter is designed in an easy to advanced level manner to make the learning process easy for the aspirants. 

Let us c pdf download

The book is available in many languages English editions, Hindi, Gujrati, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and US editions. Readers can easily select the book from these available languages and start their preparation. For better understanding there are also video courses available on C, C++, Java, ASP.NET etc. Yashavant Kanetkar is a well known name in the field of computer applications and has created, moulded and groomed millions of software in the last two and half decades of their career. 

The revised edition of the book has been thoroughly revised to keep updated with the trends and competitions. It is a highly useful book for the students, teachers and software professionals all over the world. Yashwant’s books are internationally acknowledged by millions of students, professionals and teachers. 

For the aspirants who are looking to make their career in the field of computer applications and programming languages, then let us c by yashwant kanetkar pdf book is highly recommended and to boost their learning candidate can also refer to the video course modules. As the world moves towards digitalisation there is a numerous career opportunity and scope in programming and computer applications.  

Key feature of the book:

  • It gives you a detailed explanation of the concept.
  • Fully working programming examples based on practice are added.
  • End-of-chapter practice questions and exercise help you to pollish your skill and learning learned in the chapter. 
  • It also contains hand made “Kannotes” at the end of the chapter for quick revision.

Let us c pdf details

Book Title let us c book
Author Yashavant Kanetkar
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 486
Language English
Publication BPB Publications

Let us c book pdf Index

  1. Getting Started
  2. C Instructions
  3. Decision Control Instruction
  4. More Complex Decision Making
  5. Loop Control Instruction
  6. More Complex Repetitions
  7. Case Control Instruction
  8. Functions
  9. Pointers
  10. Recursion
  11. Data Types Revisited
  12. The C Preprocessor
  13. Arrays
  14. Multidimensional Arrays
  15. Strings
  16. Handling Multiple Strings
  17. Structures
  18. Console Input/output
  19. File Input/output
  20. More Issues In Input/output
  21. operations on Bits
  22. Miscellaneous Features
  23. Interview FAQs

Appendix A– Compilation and Execution
Appendix B– Precedence Table
Appendix C– Chasing the Bugs
Appendix D– ASCII Chart
Periodic Tests I to IV, Course Tests I, II

let us c by yashwant kanetkar pdf
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