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Cruel seduction pdf free download: In the tumultuous world of Olympus, Aphrodite finds herself entangled in a dangerous web of love, hate, and revenge.   

Her arch-nemesis and lover, Hephaestus, becomes her husband, but Aphrodite is determined to carry out her vengeful plan. She sets her sights on Pandora, the woman who holds Hephaestus’s heart. Using seduction as her weapon, Aphrodite seeks to keep her new husband off-balance. 

Cruel seduction pdf free download  

However, Hephaestus is not one to be outmaneuvered easily. He retaliates by involving Aphrodite’s ex, Adonis, a beautiful but fallen angel, in their twisted game. 

Katee Robert is a contemporary romance author known for her captivating storytelling and sizzling romantic novels. Katee Robert has gained a dedicated following and received critical acclaim for her work. Her books have earned a place on bestseller lists, and she continues to delight readers with her engaging and emotionally charged stories.   

As they trade venomous strikes that masquerade as foreplay, emotions become tangled, and lines are blurred. The heart, once considered a mere pawn, is now a player in their treacherous affair.  

Amidst their deadly game, unrest in Olympus intensifies, and the consequences of their actions may have far-reaching and devastating effects on their city and everyone they hold dear.   

This modern retelling of Aphrodite and Hephaestus, intertwined with Pandora and Adonis’s tale, brings scorching passion and high-stakes intrigue to the mythical realm of Olympus.  

The World of Dark Olympus series:  

  1. Neon Gods (Hades & Persephone) 
  2. Electric Idol (Eros & Psyche) 
  3. Wicked Beauty (Achilles & Patroclus & Helen) 
  4. Radiant Sin (Apollo & Cassandra) 
  5. Cruel Seduction (Aphrodite & Hephaestus & Adonis & Pandora) 

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Book Name Cruel Seduction (Dark Olympus, 5)
Author  Katee Robert
Format PDF
Pages 384
Size mb 
Release date August 8, 2023
Language English
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