Dance with the Devil Sam Crescent PDF

Dance with the devil sam crescent pdf: Maria’s family bore the taint of treachery. Their sinister scheme aimed to wrest control of the mafia, assassinate the boss, and ascend to dominion driven by insatiable greed and an unquenchable thirst for power. Unearthing their malevolent plot, Maria took decisive action by directly confiding in The Boss.

Now, she confronts an unnerving ultimatum: either wed any capo who would accept her or face a dire demise. While the prospect of death is abhorrent, Maria grapples with an entrenched belief that she is unworthy—a lifelong notion of inadequacy that gnaws at her spirit. Recognizing the futility of her endeavor, she resolves to try nonetheless.  

Dance with the devil sam crescent pdf

Draven Esposito embodies a perilous persona, his origins and reputation shadowed in ominous tales. Some allege he was birthed in the fires of damnation, a living embodiment of malevolence itself.  

Long before, he caught a glimpse of Maria—an unassuming young woman, struggling to fade into the background like an unnoticed piece of furniture. The sinister destiny she faces is one he refuses to accept.  

Driven by an inscrutable compulsion, he claims her in matrimony. Maria becomes his, by her own acquiescence and his steadfast insistence.  

Yet, concealed within Draven are secrets he dare not reveal. Maria understands that uniting her fate with his will yield a tumultuous path.  

He exudes an aura of intimidation, but a startling revelation emerges: despite his fearsome exterior, she discovers a surprising absence of fear when she is in his presence.  

While he has never inflicted harm upon her, his warnings echo in her ears—conceiving a child is forbidden, and any offspring born of such a union will not know his paternal care.  

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Book Name Dance with the Devil
Author  Sam Crescent
Format PDF
Pages 116
Size mb 
Release date August 8, 2023
Language English
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