Hideaway Heart Melanie Harlow PDF

Hideaway heart melanie harlow pdf: All I craved was a simple break—a mere two weeks to escape the spotlight as Pixie Hart, the country music sensation, and revel in the tranquility of solitude as Kelly Jo Sullivan.  

However, my family, fearing paparazzi mayhem, insisted on accompanying me, and now I find myself confined to a tiny cabin, forced to share it with a tall, brooding, and bearded bodyguard.  

Hideaway heart melanie harlow pdf

As if that weren’t enough, we only have one bed.  

Fine, he can take the couch.  

Xander Buckley, the former Navy SEAL, may be hotter than a stolen blow torch, but he’s also the embodiment of overbearing, overprotective, and bossy alpha male. I can’t even post a simple photo on social media without him raising safety concerns and forget about enjoying a morning jog without him dogging my every step.  

He’s made it clear that his word is law, and any resistance means bidding my vacation farewell.  

Hideaway heart melanie harlow epub 

But fate has other plans, leading me to kiss him.  

I couldn’t have predicted it—just moments before, we were at each other’s throats, and now we find ourselves yielding to each other’s desires. Surprisingly, we fit together remarkably well. He comprehends my need for independence, and I understand his craving for control.   

Yet, emotional trust has always been elusive for me, and our paths diverge profoundly.  

While I’d unquestioningly entrust him with my life, don’t dare ask me to surrender my heart. 

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Book Name Hideaway Heart
Author melanie harlow
Format PDF
Pages 315
Size mb 
Release date August 7, 2023
Language English
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