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Tides of fire free download: In the newest heart-pounding suspense novel by the #1 New York Times bestselling author, an international research station located in the Coral Sea faces a relentless assault during a catastrophic geological event, unleashing massive earthquakes, deadly tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.  

To prevent global devastation, Sigma Force takes on the mission to unveil a long-buried secret at the core of our planet.  

Tides of fire free download

The Titan Project, stationed offshore Australia, makes an astounding discovery—an area thriving with life amidst an otherwise lifeless sea. This enigmatic zone is filled with bioluminescent coral that defies scientific explanation and holds tremendous promise for the future.  

However, when a military submarine goes missing in the region, a vicious attack follows, triggering a chain reaction of geological disasters that threaten the entire region.  

As the world faces immense quakes, volcanic eruptions, and lethal tsunamis, a much greater cataclysm looms—something stirring deep beneath the ocean, a menace concealed for millennia.  

In the midst of toxic seas and burning coastlines, Sigma Force must race against time to confront the unleashed threat. But their efforts are complicated by the return of an old adversary, relentless in hunting them down and thwarting their every move.  

To stand any chance of success, Commander Gray Pierce must delve into the past, delving deep into Aboriginal mythology to find a crucial key.  

Yet, what Sigma could unearth might be even more terrifying—a revelation that will shake the very foundations of humanity. 

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Book Name Tides of Fire: A Thriller
Author James Rollins
Format PDF
Pages 315
Size mb 
Release date August 7, 2023
Language English
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