Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros PDF

Iron flame by rebecca yarros pdf: In a world where survival is a matter of resilience and the ability to endure, Violet Sorrengail defied all odds. Her first year at the formidable Basgiath War College was expected to be her downfall, a fate she herself had anticipated. The initiation known as Threshing was merely the beginning—a test designed to sift out the feeble, the undeserving, and the hapless.   

Now, the true training commences, and Violet can’t help but wonder how she’ll endure. It’s not just the grueling and malevolently brutal nature of it, or the intention to push the limits of pain tolerance beyond reason.

Iron flame by rebecca yarros pdf

The new vice commandant has taken it upon himself to demonstrate Violet’s vulnerability—a vulnerability that can only be mitigated by betraying the man she loves. 

Though her body may seem weaker and more fragile than the others, Violet possesses a sharp mind and an unyielding will. She has learned an essential lesson during her time at Basgiath: dragon riders forge their own path.   

But sheer determination won’t suffice in this critical year. For Violet harbors a profound secret, one concealed for centuries within the walls of Basgiath War College. In the end, even the might of dragon fire may not be enough to save them all. Violet’s journey is one of courage, sacrifice, and the unwavering resolve to defy the odds.

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Book Name Iron Flame
Author  Rebecca Yarros
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 512
Language English
Release date November 7, 2023 
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