Job application format class 12

Job application format class 12 pdf: This article is to give you some tips on how to effectively complete a job application. There’s a lot of competition out there, so, how can you increase your chances of getting that dream job by being careful, correct, and complete with your job application.

In this article we are going to give you some tips on how to effectively complete a job application. In the job world there’s a lot of competition so how can you increase your chances of landing that dream job by being careful correct and complete with your job application. When employers look at job applications, they look at them quickly therefore it’s important to be careful correct and complete.  

So, to be careful with your job application don’t wrinkle it don’t get it dirty use black or blue ink write neatly have someone check your application for mistakes. 

It is also important to describe all of your key skills and abilities an example of where you need to be complete is the reference section of the application you will need at least three solid references all which can be verified by the employer another area that it’s important to be complete is where the section that asks you about skills and abilities.  

Why is it important to have a good job application

  • When employers look at job applications they look at them quickly. So, your application either ends up in a yes pile or a no pile, therefore, it’s important to be careful, correct, and complete.
  • Again, It is important to remember that your job application is your first impression of you in the subconscious of your recruiter,  you must try not to make it the last one by committing silly mistakes.
  • Your job application becomes a reflection of your personality, your mistakes and errors will be noticed for the wrong reasons, and you may end up not even being called for it.

Job application format class 12


  •     Don’t wrinkle it,
  •     Don’t get it dirty,
  •     Don’t commit grammatical or spelling mistakes,
  •     You do not want to write any or will do anything that makes you look desperate.


  •     Use black or blue ink write neatly,
  •     Have someone check your application for mistakes,
  •     Watch for spelling grammar and punctuation errors,
  •     List all information accurately,
  •     It is also important to describe all of your key skills and abilities,
  •     List your key soft skills,
  •     Answer all the questions asked, if the question does not apply to you answer NA (not allowed),
  •     Mention if you are currently employed and are planning to resign,
  •     At the desired salary section, here it is important not to be too specific, instead, you want to place a reasonable range or you      can write ‘open or negotiable’,
  •     While writing your experiences make an effort to describe your duties and experiences that are related to the job that you          are applying for.

Sample Of Format Of A Job Application

Sender’s name and address                           Write your address and name here
Date Mention the date on which you are writing
Addressee’s designation and address Mention the address and designation of the company and your employer
Subject statement Mention the subject about job application
Salutation Sir\ma’am
Opening statement Start with, where did you get to know to about the job vacancy and an introduction of yourself
Reasons for change State some good reasons why do you and to change your job
Experience Mention your previous experience if available
Hobbies Mention your hobbies
Contact details Mention your contact numbers and your email id
Enclosure Write you’re closing the resume with a hope to be called back.
Subscription and name Yours faithfully and your name.

 Sample Job Application format

Anjali Sharma,
New delhi, 110092
Date- 02-02-2022,
Hiring manager’s name,
Address of recruiting company,

Subject- Application for the job of the web developer,

Dear Sir,

I am applying for the vacancy of a web developer in your prestigious company. I got to know about the vacancy through the XYZ newspaper advertisement (or any other source).

I am Anjali Sharma and I have an XYZ diploma in web designing, developing(mention all related educational and skill backgrounds). I am already in XYZ company and I am working for the same profile here and  I have work experience of 5 years(mention the experience and all types of work you can handle). I am changing this company as the location of the office is too far and mainly the work is not challenging enough for me to grow my skill. I am applying to work in a company as this job profile has the potential for a more challenging environment and scope for my skill growth as well.

I am looking forward to being called by you for a personal interview for the aforesaid job profile, I can be reached at my contact number ********* and email id ********@**.com.


Anjali Sharma.

format of job application class 12 pdf

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