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Patanjali yoga sutras pdf: Patanjali Yoga Sutras is the collection of hymns on the practice of Yoga in Sanskrit language. These yogik sutras enlighten the path of wisdom and self- realization. It contains 195 methods (sutras), which give descriptions about yoga and it was compiled by the great sage Patanjali in early centuries. 

Yoga Sutras are based on Ashtangika Marg(अष्टांगिक मार्ग) which are eight in numbers in which kaivalya (कैवल्य) and posture(आसन) is mostly known.

Patanjali yoga sutras pdf

In Patanjali, there are 195 sutras or aphorisms which are divided into four books or chapters (पद). Briefing about these chapters is mentioned below

Samadhi Pada

This is the first chapter of Patanjali Yoga Sutra which revolves around the meaning and explanation of Yoga. This section of the book houses 51 sutras which targets those who have already adopted yoga in their lives, it also focuses on themes of enlightenment, meditation and concentration power. 

 It is the practice of direct perception in which the person disconnected himself from external world and abides in itself. In this practice, a person needs to truly concentrate on his body and take control over breathing. This state is known for eradication of impurities and negativity from the body. 

Sadhana Pada

Sadhana Pada is the second chapter of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. In this chapter there are 55 sutras which explain practicing yoga to achieve yogic state. It introduces eight limbs of the yoga which are stated below. 

  • ASANA- Yogik Posture 
  • PRANAYAM- Control over breathe
  • PRATYAHARA- Sensory Withdrawal 
  • DHARNA- Focus
  • SAMADHI- Self Realization 
  • NIYAMA- Five principles of conduct and discipline
  • ETHICS- Five Principles of Ethics
  • DHYANA- Meditation 

Leaving Dhyan and Samadhi, the other 6 limbs are most important for a novice in yoga. 

Vibhuti Pada

In Vibhuti Pada, there are 56 sutras which focus on benefits and significance of practicing yoga in our daily routine. Different sorts of siddhis for example Vibhutis, which can be gotten from the customs performed with commitment, have been predominantly portrayed in this third cushion, for that reason the name of this foot is Vibhuti cushion.

In this section, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi are the qualities of the Sanyama set of three and their traditional definitional name, the product of their achievement and the appointment in different levels, the foundation of the way that all siddhis or ideals are an obstruction in the fulfillment of salvation, the accomplishment of different opulences by the customs of restraint. In this section, the subjects of information emerging out of astuteness and its ramifications and so on have been featured. 

Kaivalya Pada

Kaivalya Pada is the last chapter of Patanjali Yoga Sutra and it is enriched with precious 34 sutras which focuses on liberation and freedom sufferings in life The meaning of Kaivalya is Kevalata i.e. Kevali Bhava(oneness) . The state of the soul in its purest form i.e. in pure consciousness, completely separate from the unconscious elements.

There are five types of methods for attaining siddhis, four types of actions are mentioned, the manifestation of desires according to the karmasaya, memory and samskaras are one form, sanskars are eternal, four types of accumulation of samskaras (vasanas), non-resistance of the soul, Subjects like self-consciousness and its retirement, the nature and results of Dharma Megha Samadhi, Prati Prasava Yoga have been explained in detail.

yoga sutras of patanjali pdf
the yoga sutras of patanjali book

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