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Original manusmriti pdf in hindi download: The word Manusmriti signifies the law of manu. Manusmriti is an important ancient granth that contributed to the constructions  of hindu society. The entire book is categorized into twelve chapters that cover each and every aspect of human life.

It provides a complete overview of ancient life 1500-2000 years back, there was a caste system which was divided into four categories: Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra, many of us know about this caste system that is also followed till now.

Original manusmriti pdf in hindi 

In this caste system there were rigid rules and regulations that affected the shudra caste, shudra was not allowed to touch anything that was used by Brahmin. 

In this era there were also strict rules and regulations for women as well like sati pratha, their purity and impurity, dependency on male of the family, inequality and much more. 

In today’s era we all are free and have some rights and authority based on the Indian constitutions or other country constitutions and most of them are not aware about their ancient culture that gives us a complete overview about the life of the ancestors. If we compare ourselves with the ancient era then we are lucky not to follow rigid rituals, culture but this does not mean ancient granth is scrapped, it used to live our culture and sanskriti. With modernisation our ancient culture is going to diminish and people like to follow the western culture that is not perfectly fitted with our society.  

For the people who desire to know about our ancient culture then this book is one of the best collections along with providing an overview about the culture. It is also helpful to keep their mind and thoughts in the right direction to achieve their desired goals. 

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  • Book Title –original manusmriti in hindi pdf
  • Author– Brigu
  • Format– PDF
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  • Language– English and Hindi

Manusmriti in hindi pdf Index

Chapter 1: Creation of nature, the 4 Ages (Yuga), the 4 Castes, their professions, superiority of the Brahmins
Chapter 2: Brahmacharya and Service of one’s master
Chapter 3: Marriage Rituals, Memorials for the ancestors, Shraadh, etc.
Chapter 4: Homely values, Eating laws, 21 stages of Hell
Chapter 5: Women’s duties, their purity and impurity
Chapter 6: Duties of a Saint
Chapter 7: Duties of the King
Chapter 8: Crime, Justice, Political and Social structures
Chapter 9: Parental Inheritance
Chapter 10: Castes
Chapter 11: Sins
Chapter 12: Praise for the Vedas

manusmriti book pdf
manusmriti in hindi book

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