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Physical education class 12 book pdf: Hey everyone, here we are going to discuss about the class 12 physical education class 12 pdf. Physical education is one of the very important parts for overall growth and development of the person. If students became aware about it, then it will benefit them and their family with the help of spreading awareness.  

That’s why board has decided to add physical education as a subject in the curriculum so that students can equip with essential knowledge required to be fit and healthy. So below we have provided the physical education class 12 ncert book pdf and also mention few benefits of being physically fit.  

Physical education class 12 book pdf

Actually, there are different benefits that we can get by having or by involving ourselves into exercise into physical fitness or into different kinds of sports marine benefit. 

Especially into our body the first benefits that we will discuss is physical fitness design for the proper growth of bones and muscle. So let’s discuss first what is the purpose of the bones into our body the bones serves as the framework into our body, once we set the framework it supports the body it supports the muscle without bone.  

Our body will be like a gelatin support so therefore bones is very important into our body and the muscle is the one that creates force in every action that we do, so without force sometimes we cannot do a certain task and of course there are different purposes of muscles. 

So let’s discuss how do they synchronize their function into our body, so once we involve in exercise our skeletal system and our muscular system helps one another every action that we do example in exercise. The muscular and skeletal system help the body to become more stronger and stiffer, so meaning since we are engaging in physical activity our body becomes stronger into physical activity for example into the people that engage their selves.  

Physical education class 12 book pdf 2022-23

So therefore, the purpose of this is to become stronger than before so that is the main purpose because we engage into physical activities so that is the first importance again the first importance of physical fitness is for proper growth of bones and muscle. 

The second importance of physical fitness or involving ourselves in exercise is to minimize the stress. So, at first you will ask what is the connection of stress into physical fitness that is the first question so actually, stress comes into the brain of a person.  

Let’s discuss what is stress so once we said stress as we all know stress is a feeling of emotional and physical tension because of the activity because of the things around.  

So therefore because of the activity or because of the things happens into us surrounding, sometimes people get stressed into them works, into their jobs into their studies and so on and so forth. So, meaning related and brain into the body but the question is what is the connection of brain body and exercise. 

Actually, this is the answer what’s going to get exercise style our body create the endorphins. Once we said endorphins these are the chemicals that produced by our body to relieve stress. 

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So therefore, the morning exercise stress into our body. It is the main purpose of exercise into our body it creates endorphin which serves to kill the stress into our body and brain. So again, or the second importance of the physical fitness is to minimize the stress and anxiety into our body. 

The third importance of physical fitness or involving in exercise is to maintain proper body weight so therefore combining exercise with a healthy diet is more effective way to lose than depending on calorie restriction alone. 

Importance of physical fitness or involving ourselves in daily activities is delaying the process of age as many of us becomes less active as we age over time this can lead into the some problems like stiffening the muscles into our heart the different heart failures or heart problems because in the time again gauge into daily activities. 

The more we engage ourselves in physical activity, the more we become healthy and fit and flexible of course because of this managing flexible in terms of activity or exercise. 

Exercise also helps the body to become physically fit the body becomes much stronger to reduce the aging of the body sometimes. Importance of physical fitness experience joy of participation in any recreational sport or activity, sometimes physical activity brings us joys and happiness this encourage social interactions and social gathering. 

physical education class 12 ncert book pdf
physical education class 12 book saraswati

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