Business Studies Class 12 Book by Subhash Dey PDF

Business studies class 12 book by subhash dey pdf: Business Studies Class 12 by Subhash Dey is a popular textbook for students studying business studies at the senior secondary level in India. The book is published by V.K. Global Publications Pvt. Ltd. and is written in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for students to understand the concepts covered.    

It covers various topics related to business studies including the nature and purpose of business, forms of business organizations, business finance and accounting, marketing, human resource management and international business. The book begins with an introduction to business studies, followed by a discussion of the nature and purpose of business. 

Business studies class 12 book by subhash dey pdf

The book is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of business studies, and it includes numerous examples and case studies to help students apply the concepts they learn to real-world situations.  

It is designed to meet the curriculum requirements of Class 12 students studying business studies under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India. 

It then covers different forms of business organizations, including sole proprietorship, partnership, company, and cooperative society. The book also discusses business finance and accounting, covering topics such as financial statements, analysis of financial statements, and financial ratios. 

Subhash dey class 12 business studies pdf

The book also includes review questions and practice exercises to help students assess their understanding of the material and prepare for exams. Other topics covered in the book include marketing, including market segmentation, marketing mix and advertising and sales promotion.  

Human resource management is also covered, including topics such as recruitment, selection, training and performance appraisal. The book also covers international business including international trade and multinational corporations.  

Overall, Business Studies Class 12 by Subhash Dey is a comprehensive textbook that provides students with a solid foundation in the field of business studies. It is widely used by students preparing for their Class 12 board exams as well. 

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