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Playing to win monica murphy pdf: Get ready to be captivated by the latest sports romance crafted by the esteemed New York Times bestselling author, Monica Murphy…  

Meet Ace Townsend—the indisputable heartthrob of the campus, notorious for his playboy persona and unparalleled charm. He effortlessly steals the spotlight at every gathering. Here’s the catch: He’s precisely the type I should steer clear of, a flirtatious force that should remain beyond my reach.  

Playing to win monica murphy pdf

However, fate takes a twist, considering I’m an integral part of the football team’s social media crew. Day after day, we’re out on the practice field, capturing their moves through the lens.  

Cheering from the sidelines during intense games. Sharing relaxed moments in the ambiance of local bars. The more time I spend alongside Ace, the more irresistible his allure becomes.  

It’s not merely about superficial attraction; I’ve developed a genuine liking for him. Our connection is tangible, and his reciprocation is undeniable. But therein lies the dilemma.  

Upon joining the social media team, I committed to a binding contract—a clause strictly prohibiting any involvement with athletes. A stringent prohibition. If our clandestine connection is exposed? 

It’s grounds for my immediate dismissal. I’ve grown fond of my newfound role and I’m wary of jeopardizing it. Yet, against my better judgment, I find myself falling headlong for Ace.  

Key feature of the book: 

  • Characters: The story revolves around two main characters, Ace Townsend and the narrator, who is a member of the social media crew for the football team.  
  • Ace’s Persona: Ace is depicted as the quintessential campus heartthrob and a notorious flirt. He’s the life of any party and exudes charm.  
  • Proximity and Attraction: The narrator’s role on the social media crew brings them into frequent contact with Ace, leading to a growing attraction. The narrator finds themselves drawn to Ace on both a physical and emotional level.  
  • Forbidden Connection: A major conflict arises due to a contractual ‘no dating athletes’ clause that the narrator signed as part of their role.  

Playing to win monica murphy read online details

Book Name Playing to win (The Players)
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 382
Author Monica Murphy
Language English
Release date  August 10, 2023
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