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Ponniyin selvan book pdf tamil download: Here we are going to discuss the summary for the book one inside the pony in seven series ponniyin selvan is a tamil historical fantasy series that was published seven decades back, and it has been the best-selling book series in Tamil. Let’s see the protagonists of the story who are the cholas or solar girl the king whom we focus on throughout this first book is Sundara Chola who’s the king who’s ruling throughout the chola dynasty.

He has three children of whom the first one is Aditya Karikalan and he is building this fortress made of gold in Kanchipuram and along with him we have his friend party bender lover he also has another friend named vandyatevan who sent as a messenger by Aditya Karikalan to deliver a scroll to Sundara Chola and another scroll to his younger sister Kundavai is and she is residing in pariarei which is said to be the place from which the chola dynasty started developing along with Kundade.

Ponniyin selvan book pdf

We have her friend vanati who’s also a princess and varnati is to be truth to kundawa’s younger brother arumuri varman who’s currently at war in Sri Lanka and he is the youngest of all the three siblings and also the hero of this entire series that is pony in silvan himself.

We just have three main characters on of these the first one is the elder brother Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar who is 60 years old and his younger brother china perverted and Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar wife Nandini who is the main antagonist of this entire series.

Now Nandini is just 21 years old whereas Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar is 60 years old so the age difference between them in their marriage is very vast apart from the protagonist and the antichrist.

We also have another main character named Harvard who appears throughout the first book, but he doesn’t affect the plot of the first book as much.

The story starts with vandir tevan crossing the Veeranarayanan lake and heading towards tanjavur in order to deliver the scroll that was to be delivered to sundara’s order while he is going towards tanjavur he meet aarwar kadyan nambi in a fight that is going on between him and the sai white.

Now Aaron nambi is a very stringent vaishnavite and he does not like anyone who is talking ill of his god during this meeting with Vandiyadevan nambi tells Vandiyadevan is his younger sister after getting knowledge of this what happens is mandiath goes to a small place in between tanjaw and the Veeranarayanan lake where one of his friends named kandamaran lives and he lives in kandamaran’s place for one night alone.

Ponniyin selvan book pdf tamil download

But what happens during that night is madhya tevan does not get sleepy, so he just goes forward and roams throughout the palace in which he’s staying and while he’s roaming, he gets to know about the secret meeting that is happening between many small rulers under the cholas and the person who’s heading this meeting is himself along with Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar.

We also see this palanquin inside which someone is sitting everyone has been thinking that Nandini is the person who’s inside that palanquin and perry perverter has been taking her along with him everywhere he’s going because of the age difference that they have but during that meeting what is revealed is that it’s not Nandini inside the palanquin Mandakini Devi who’s planned to overthrow Sundara Chola and become the king after him.

The motto of the secret meeting is to make Mandakini Devi who’s another prince to become the king after Sundara Chola and the reason why this is a very heavily political plot is because after Sundara Chola.

The person who is to be in line for the throne is Aditya Karikalan who’s currently building this fortress in kanji purim but the purvey terrorists plan to overthrow the cholas and bring Madurantaka onto the throne because they can use him as a Puppe troller and rule the entire chola dynasty as their own.

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ponniyin selvan book pdf

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