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The gargoyle’s captive pdf: The Gargoyle’s Captive is a paranormal romance novel by author Katee Robert. The story follows Mirella, a human woman who is kidnapped by a group of gargoyles as part of a centuries-old ritual to find their mate.  

The gargoyles, including their leader Caliban, are a proud and ancient race that has been cursed to turn to stone during the day. The story takes place in a world where supernatural beings, such as gargoyles, exist alongside humans, but they keep their existence hidden from the majority of the population.  

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Mirella, the protagonist is a strong-willed woman who finds herself in a situation she never could have imagined when she is kidnapped by the gargoyles. 

Mirella is initially terrified of her captors, but she soon realizes that they have no intention of harming her. Instead, they are determined to protect her at all costs, as she is the one, they believe can break the curse and restore their race to its former glory.  

As Mirella spends more time with Caliban, she finds herself drawn to him even though he is not entirely human. The two of them share a powerful connection, and they must fight against those who would try to keep them apart. 

The relationship between Mirella and Caliban is complicated by the fact that they come from two very different worlds, but they are drawn to each other in a way that neither of them can deny.  

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Their journey to break the curse and overcome the obstacles in their way is both thrilling and steamy, and readers will find themselves rooting for the couple throughout the novel. 

Caliban, the leader of the gargoyle clan, is a complex and brooding character who is fiercely loyal to his people. He has been searching for centuries for the one person who can break the curse that has plagued his race, and when he finally finds Mirella, he knows that she is the one. 

Fans of the genre will find much to enjoy in this book, and it is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a new paranormal romance to read.  

Overall, “The Gargoyle’s Captive” is a well-written paranormal romance that combines action, suspense, and steamy romance in a unique and engaging way. 

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Book Name The Gargoyle’s Captive (A Deal With A Demon)
Format PDF
Size mb
Page 192
Author Katee Robert
Language English
Release date  March 28, 2023

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