When Life Gives You Lemons Noor Sasha PDF

When life gives you lemons noor sasha pdf: In the realm of life, Alina Azlan carries two fervent ambitions: to establish her own daycare center and to find her fairy-tale ending. But when an unexpected seizure causes her first-ever boyfriend to flee, Alina begins to question whether her epilepsy will condemn her to a life of solitude.  

Despite being a hopeless romantic, she decides to give love another chance and agrees to a blind date set up by her baba. However, destiny takes an unexpected twist as she encounters an arrogant, devilishly handsome hotelier who couldn’t be further from the charming Flynn Rider she had hoped for.  

When life gives you lemons noor sasha pdf

Meanwhile, Azeer Khan has his own set of aspirations for the future: to provide his adopted daughter, Zoha, with a comfortable life and to retain his personal freedom despite familial pressures.  

Yet, fate has other plans when he finds himself on a blind date with none other than Alina Azlan, a childhood tormentor. As if things couldn’t get worse, a mishap with the wedding cake at his sister’s wedding leaves them both covered in a Pakistani buffet.  

Their punishment? An arranged marriage that surprisingly offers mutual benefits. Alina can pursue her dream of opening her daycare within the prestigious Sun Tower hotel while sharing a life with someone who reminds her to take her medication.

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Meanwhile, Azeer can grant Zoha the loving mother she yearns for—and perhaps wake up to Alina’s endearing dimples each morning as an added bonus.  

With a mix of unwanted butterflies and a pinch of uncertainty, Alina and Azeer are left to wonder if their sour beginning will eventually lead to a sweet ending or if it will leave them with a case of lemony heartburn.  

Only time will tell as they embark on this unexpected journey of love and discovery. Milk and Mocha Our Little Happiness PDF

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Book Name When Life Gives You Lemons
Author Noor Sasha
Format PDF
Pages 470
Size mb 
Release date July 23, 2023
Language English
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