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Behind the net stephanie archer pdf: Get ready for a sizzling romance that blends grumpy charm and unexpected sweetness in “Behind the Net.” Picture this: the hot, brooding goalie you crushed on in high school is now your live-in assistant.  

“Behind the Net” is a scorching pro hockey romance that seamlessly blends grumpy and sunshine personalities, sprinkled with plenty of spice. It’s the first installment in the Vancouver Storm series and can be enjoyed as a standalone tale of love and triumph. After having my dreams crushed by a disastrous relationship in the music industry, I’ve sworn off heartbreak.

Behind the net stephanie archer pdf

Landing a job as an NHL player’s assistant seemed like a straightforward gig, but Jamie Streicher, the man himself, is far from easy to handle.  

He’s a smoldering, intimidating jerk who seems to despise my very existence. With a colossal ego to match, keeping things strictly professional should be a breeze—despite his outrageous demand that I move in with him.  

Yet, beneath Jamie’s surly exterior, lies an unexpectedly sweet and protective side. Learning about my ex’s lackluster skills in the bedroom ignites Jamie’s competitive nature, leading him to lavish attention and support on me.  

The creative fire that once burned bright within me, inspiring my songwriting, reignites under his influence.  

As I find myself wearing his jersey at games, reveling in wild team parties, and summoning the courage to take the stage again, I can’t deny that I’m falling for him.  

Sure, Jamie has the power to break my heart, but the electric connection we share might just make it all worthwhile. 

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Book Name Behind the Net: a grumpy sunshine hockey romance
Author  Stephanie Archer
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 419
Language English
Release date June 30, 2023
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