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Fake dates and ice skates pdf: Wren Hackerly is a woman who thrives on routines and strict adherence to her plans. She’s always been committed to achieving her goals, regardless of the sacrifices involved.  

The new novel Fake Dates & Ice Skates is the first book of the North University Series which was released on June 16, 2023. The last thing she expected was to find herself entangled in a fake dating scheme with a hockey player she can barely tolerate. 

Fake dates and ice skates pdf  

Enter Miles Davis, a charming rule breaker and flirt, completely opposite to Wren’s structured life. To make matters more challenging, he happens to be one of the most popular figures at North University. 

Meet Janisha Boswell, an aspiring author who, at the young age of eighteen, has already embarked on a journey of storytelling. Driven by her affection for romance and heartwarming tales that provide a sense of belonging and solace, Janisha pours her passion into her writing.  

Despite her initial resistance, Wren eventually succumbs to Miles’ persuasion, leading them through parties and an uncomfortable encounter with her family.  

Fake dates and ice skates online

Together, they navigate the world of social media trolls and confront the harsh realities of living up to their potentials. As Wren spends more time with Miles, she gradually sheds the confines of her well-ordered existence.  

While she finds herself surprisingly enjoying the freedom, a nagging doubt lingers that their newfound connection might distract them from their respective aspirations.  A Game of Gods Scarlett St Clair PDF

As the boundaries blur between what’s real and what’s fake, Wren and Miles grapple with their true emotions. Will either of them have the courage to acknowledge the feelings that extend beyond pretense?

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Book Name Fake Dates & Ice Skates
Author Janisha Boswell
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 463
Language English
Release date 12 June 2023
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