Black Hellebore Grace Draven EPUB

Black hellebore grace draven epub: Black Hellebore: Wraith Kings Book 3.1 is a novella by Grace Draven, a popular fantasy and romance author. The novella is part of the Wraith Kings series which includes Radiance, Eidolon, and The Ippos King. 

In Black Hellebore, the story follows the character of Brishen Khaskem, the Kai prince and husband of the Gauri queen, Ildiko. Brishen is sent on a dangerous mission to retrieve a powerful flower called the black hellebore, which is said to possess incredible healing properties.

Black hellebore grace draven epub

The catch is that the black hellebore grows in a region of the kingdom that is controlled by hostile Kai factions, and the retrieval of the flower will put Brishen’s life at risk. 

The novella is set between the events of Eidolon and The Ippos King and provides additional insight into Brishen’s character and backstory. Fans of the Wraith Kings series will enjoy this novella as it delves deeper into the world and characters created by Grace Draven. 

Black Hellebore provides readers with a glimpse into the relationship between Brishen and Ildiko, as well as the political climate of their world.

black hellebore grace draven read online

It explores Brishen’s background, his relationship with his family, and his motivations for taking on this dangerous mission. Along the way, Brishen encounters new characters and dangerous obstacles that test his limits. 

Grace Draven is known for her intricate world-building and complex character development, and Black Hellebore is no exception.

The novella is written in Draven’s signature style, with detailed descriptions of the world and its inhabitants, as well as rich and nuanced characters that readers can empathize with and root for. 

Overall, Black Hellebore is an engaging and well-crafted addition to the Wraith Kings series, and fans of Grace Draven’s work will enjoy this novella for its depth and attention to detail. 

About black hellebore grace draven pdf

Book Name Black Hellebore: Wraith Kings Book 3.1
Author Grace Draven
Format PDF
Size mb 
Language English
Release date March 16, 2023


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