Born to be Badger Read Online

Born to be badger read online: Dive into the wild and wicked world of the Honey Badger Chronicles!  The Honey Badgers are back with a vengeance in the New York Times bestselling and irresistibly witty series that combines snark, sexiness, and shapeshifting like never before.  

Get ready for a rollercoaster of action, romance, and laugh-out-loud moments as three fearless honey badger females set their sights on a family of clueless tiger shifter brothers.  

Born to be badger read online

In this thrilling installment, Emily “Tock” Meyerson-Jackson is on a relentless mission to put an end to shifter trafficking—where humans are hunted for profit. Suspecting a brutal coalition of male lions, Tock faces the ultimate challenge: a dog-loving Tiger with a severe lack of time management skills named Shay Malone.  

But who cares if Shay is ferociously adorable? With a war brewing between cat families, Tock can’t afford to waste time with a football-playing tiger shifter. However, circumstances force an unexpected partnership when she discovers the coalition’s involvement in Shay’s father’s tragic death.  

Revenge is on the menu for Shay and his tiger shifter brothers, but so is seduction when it comes to Tock, his alluring partner in crime-solving.  

Tock, a bad-ass honey badger, may flash her fangs with attitude, but she’s undeniably cute, especially when the stakes are high.  

Brace yourself for a dish served hot, as Shay turns up the heat, proving that revenge and romance can be a dangerously delightful combination. 

Don’t miss out on the sizzling chemistry, fierce action, and hilarious banter in this latest addition to the Honey Badger Chronicles.  

Grab your copy now and join the adventure where love, laughter, and shapeshifting collide in the most unexpected ways! 

About born to be badger epub 

Book Name Born to Be Badger: A Witty Shifter Rom-Com
Author  Shelly Laurenston
Format PDF
Pages 414
Size mb 
Release date November 28, 2023
Language English
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