Beware of Chicken Volume 3 PDF

Beware of chicken volume 3 pdf: Unleash your inner warrior farmer in this laugh-out-loud, slice-of-life martial-arts fantasy that throws tradition to the wind and embraces the unlikeliest hero: Jin Rou, a man of the earth, wielding shovels, and reigning over rice and wheat.  

But here’s the twist—Jin’s dream of becoming a powerful cultivator takes a hilarious detour when he meets an untimely demise, leaving someone else stuck in his body.  

Beware of chicken volume 3 pdf

Embracing the slow lane away from the bloodshed of typical cultivator fights, Jin’s only concern is the weather—until a shady organization comes knocking, his cat engages in martial arts tournaments, and his chicken stumbles upon an ancient crystal predicting doom.  

Just your average day in the life of a farmer, right?  

From the afterlife to the farmlands, join Jin in navigating the unexpected twists of his new reality.  

With a touch of humor, a dash of martial arts madness, and a sprinkle of impending doom, this third volume of the blockbuster progression-fantasy series (with over 20 million views on Royal Road) is now ready to whisk you away into a world where trouble might find you, but a farmer knows how to handle it.  

Dive into the quirky world of “The Farmer’s Fortune,” available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible. Because when it comes to facing adversity, even a farmer can give trouble a run for its money! 

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Book Name Beware of Chicken 3: A Xianxia Cultivation Novel
Author  Casualfarmer
Format PDF
Pages 0
Size mb 
Release date November 21, 2023
Language English
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