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Burn of the everflame download: Thrones will shatter, knees will bend. What was forgotten will rise again…  

War has overtaken Emarion. In the north, Ophiucae and his army of bloodthirsty mortals seek to eradicate all Descended from the continent. In the south, the Guardians of the Everflame lie in wait, plotting a rebellion generation overdue. In Lumnos, Realm of Light and Shadow, the Crowns are gathering. Caught between two deadly foes, they must form an unlikely alliance to save their people.  

Burn of the everflame download

But the Crowns have a secret—and a heart without its mate will burn the world down to fulfill its fate.  

Hatred reigns. Hope seems lost. With the future in darkness, can a flame emerge to bring the light?  

In the tumultuous world of Emarion, where war, betrayal, and ancient prophecies collide, the stakes have never been higher.  

As Ophiucae’s army sweeps through the north, the Descended face annihilation, their lineage and powers threatened by a ruthless force intent on erasing their existence.  

Meanwhile, in the south, the Guardians of the Everflame simmer with rebellion, their plans meticulously crafted over generations, waiting for the perfect moment to ignite the flames of revolution.  

Caught in the heart of this chaos is Lumnos, the enigmatic Realm of Light and Shadow. Here, the Crowns—leaders of their respective factions—convene in a desperate bid for survival.  

As they navigate treacherous alliances and hidden agendas, a looming secret threatens to unravel their fragile unity: a prophecy foretelling that a heart without its mate will unleash a destructive inferno.  

Among these leaders stands Diem Bellator, the fierce and indomitable heroine of The Kindred’s Curse Saga.  

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As the protagonist of this epic fantasy romance series, Diem’s journey has been a tumultuous blend of combat, cunning, and heartache. With each book, readers have followed her as she battles against the forces of injustice and oppression, maneuvers through the perilous intricacies of royal court politics, and grapples with her own identity and desires.  

In “Burn of the Everflame,” the fourth and final installment of the saga, Diem’s resolve is tested like never before. The weight of her people’s future rests on her shoulders as she strives to forge alliances between the Crowns and stand against the impending doom. Amidst the chaos, her personal quest for love and belonging becomes ever more poignant, as she confronts the prophecy that could either save or doom them all.  

This slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers series has captivated fans with its unique magic systems, mythical creatures, and intricate world-building.  

The emotional depth and tension between the characters, coupled with moments of humor and banter, have made it a beloved tale among fans of romantasy.  

For those who relish plot-heavy, character-driven narratives, “Burn of the Everflame” promises a thrilling conclusion that blends action, romance, and fantasy.  

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Book Name Burn of the Everflame: The Kindred’s Curse Saga
Author  Penn Cole
Format PDF
Size mb 
Language English
Release date June 1, 2024
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