Class 12 Sandeep Garg Macroeconomics PDF

Class 12 sandeep garg macroeconomics pdf: Sandeep Garg’s “Introductory Macro Economics” is a textbook that provides an introduction to macroeconomics, a branch of economics that deals with the performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of an economy as a whole. The book is typically used as a textbook in economics courses at the high school or undergraduate level.

The book covers a range of topics in macroeconomics, including national income and its measurement, inflation and deflation, the business cycle, unemployment, monetary and fiscal policy, and international trade and finance. It also includes chapters on economic growth and development, and the role of government in the economy.

Class 12 sandeep garg macroeconomics pdf

In addition to presenting key concepts and theories in macroeconomics, the book also includes a number of examples and case studies to help students understand and apply the material to real-world situations. It also includes review questions and exercises to help students test their understanding of the material.

Overall, “Introductory Macro Economics” is a comprehensive and accessible resource for students who are looking to learn more about macroeconomics and its applications.

Contents of sandeep garg macroeconomics class 12 2023 pdf

Chapter 1: National Income and Its Measurement

This chapter explains how national income is measured and calculated, including the concept of GDP and its different components. It also discusses the limitations of GDP as a measure of economic well-being and introduces alternative measures of economic performance, such as the Human Development Index (HDI) and the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI).

Chapter 2: Money and Banking

This chapter covers the role of money in the economy, including the functions of money and the different types of money. It also discusses the role of the central bank and the commercial banks in the monetary system and introduces the concept of the money supply.

Chapter 3: Determination of Income and Employment

This chapter discusses the various factors that influence the level of income and employment in an economy, including aggregate demand, aggregate supply, and the interaction between them. It also introduces the concepts of the equilibrium level of income and the multiplier effect.

Chapter 4: Government Budget and the Economy

This chapter introduces the concepts of fiscal policy and the government budget, including government revenue and expenditure. It discusses the effects of fiscal policy on the economy, including the use of taxes and government spending to stabilize the economy.

Chapter 5: Balance of Payments

This chapter covers the balance of payments, which is a record of a country’s international transactions, including imports and exports of goods and services, and capital flows. It discusses the causes and consequences of balance of payments disequilibrium and the role of exchange rates in international trade.

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Book Name sandeep garg macroeconomics class 12 book
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Pages 522
Language English
Publication Dhanpat Rai Publications


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