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Carnage by shantel tessier pdf: Unleash Your Dark Desires with “CARNAGE” by Shantel Tessier. Prepare to dive headfirst into the twisted and tantalizing world of the Lords, a secret society with power beyond measure.  

The rules are theirs to break, and the game is one you’ll never forget. Brace yourself for a seductive, suspenseful standalone romance that will ignite your darkest fantasies. The Lords, these enigmatic puppeteers, believe they control the world’s strings. They’ve traded their souls for power and riches, serving the devil from a young age. But in their world, hierarchy is everything, and power is earned through unwavering servitude.  

Carnage by shantel tessier

Meet the Spade brothers, the merciless overlords of Carnage, the hidden abyss where wayward Lords face their eternal sentence. Sequestered from the world as though they never existed, their dominion is dark, and their lust for control knows no bounds.  

Once, I belonged to a Lord, the infamous Saint Beckham Carter. He was no saint, and there was nothing sacred about his desires. I willingly pledged myself to him, offering my submission to his “brothers.”  

But then, the tides turned, and what seemed like paradise transformed into a relentless nightmare. I fled, understanding there was no turning back.  

Now, he’s found me, pulling me back into his hellish grasp, intent on making me his pet. The world believes I’m dead, just another phantom, a name etched on the endless list of the lost. What Saint doesn’t know is why I fled in the first place. In a world where Lords are deaf to reason, it hardly matters. Saint was born a Lord, and as a Lord, he’ll meet his end.  

Carnage by shantel tessier epub

Life’s relentless lesson is that we pay for our sins, and Saint is the unyielding collector. My destiny is sealed within Carnage, to kneel and serve him until death sets me free.  

The only question is, will you dare to venture into this intoxicating world of sin and submission?  

Indulge in “CARNAGE” by Shantel Tessier and surrender to the darkest desires that lurk within your soul.  

Unravel the secrets, uncover the mysteries, and experience a love story drenched in darkness. Available now for those who dare to explore the forbidden.

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Book Name Carnage
Author  Shantel Tessier
Format PDF
Pages 0
Size mb 
Release date October 31, 2023
Language English
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