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The graham effect elle kennedy download: Gigi Graham is on a mission – a triple mission. She’s gunning to secure her spot on the women’s national hockey team, clinch that elusive Olympic gold, and most importantly, step out from beneath the towering shadow of her famous father.  

So far, she’s making good progress on two out of three. There are just two teensy-weensy issues at hand: fine, one minor hurdle and one colossal, grumbling obstacle.  

The graham effect elle kennedy download

Gigi needs to up her game when it comes to handling the puck behind the net, and the only person who can help her is none other than Luke Ryder.  

Now, Ryder is no ordinary mentor. He’s six-foot five, chiseled, unapologetically outspoken, gruff… and undeniably, smolderingly. But, here’s the kicker – he’s also the opposition.  

You see, Briar’s fresh hockey co-captain has some very valid reasons for his icy demeanor. The men’s and women’s teams have just merged, leaving Ryder to deal with a roster of disgruntled players who can’t stand each other’s guts.  

The graham effect elle kennedy free pdf

To add another layer of complexity, he blew his chances of securing a coveted summer coaching position with none other than the legendary Garrett Graham when he made a colossal mess of their first encounter.  

So, you could say this little compromise with Gigi sounds like a dream come true. Ryder helps her secure her spot on the national team, and in return, she puts in a good word with her old man.  

But, here’s the twist: they’re both trying to downplay a chemistry that’s sparking deep within their bones, numbing their bodies, and spinning their minds.  

It’s a high-stakes game they’re playing, one with dangerous consequences, but the rewards might just be worth every bit of the risk. 

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Book Name The Graham Effect
Author  Elle Kennedy
Format PDF
Pages 498
Size mb 
Release date October 31, 2023
Language English
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