cbse omr sheet pdf: CBSE has included OMR sheets in its answer copies in past years. On the front page is an OMR sheet in which students have to fill in the basic details as per admit card or hall ticket. But in 2021, the previous year OMR was included to answer the question also. Before this policy students needed to fill the first page which was OMR based and after that answers had to be written in Subjective form but this time students can only respond by marking the options available on the OMR sheet because Exam being conducted contains MCQ questions. 

It is not clear when CBSE may come back to its original subjective answer copies but the front page of basic details will be OMR based. 

Cbse omr sheet pdf

Optical Mark Reader is a paper which has bubbles or circles, in each bubble or circle there are characters inscribed in them which students have to embolden them with pencil or using a ball black pen. It has a timing track sensor which helps commission or recruiting agencies easier to analyze the sheet quickly.

This chip plays an important role of checking, when an OMR sheet pdf is entered into the checking machine recognizes what characters students have chosen. Thus by making use of technology it becomes easier to check the copies quickly because there are lakhs of aspirants who apply and appear for this exam. 

How to fill the OMR

 There are some instructions and rules to fill the OMR sheet. 

In CBSE’ OMR sheet candidates have to fill the details same as given on their admit card, keeping in mind that you can’t opt for a new copy so fill the OMR without any kind of error or mistake. Secondly you can ask about any doubt related to OMR filling to your invigilator present in your hall they will assist you. Along with this read the instructions given in the copy, there is clear mention of the guidelines and rules for filling the OMR sheet. 

Do’s And Don’ts

Here is some information regarding the OMR sheet pdf:-

  • Always use a ball pen or bold pencil to mark your answer on the OMR sheet, never use fountain, gel pen etc. 
  • Don’t make any stray marks on the OMR sheet which may result in termination of your sheet. 
  • Don’t write on OMR sheet bubbles, there are specific areas where you will be instructed to write. 
  • While answering a question, never marking more than one answer will result in termination of response. 
  • Don’t fold the OMR sheet. 
  • Get your OMR sheet signed by your invigilator otherwise your sheet will be rejected.
  • If there is instruction about thumb impression then make it in the appropriate given area. 
  • Fill the bubble or circle completely half filled circle may result in no response. 
  • Never do any rough work on the OMR sheet. 
  • Always be careful and pretty sure while filling your details on OMR sheet because each OMR sheet is allotted to every aspirant by the commission, if you make any mistake you won’t get another one. 
  • Make sure you have mentioned your Roll no.,Name and other required details. 

OMR sheet pdf download

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