Backlog Certificate Format PDF

Backlog certificate format: Backlog is the combination of two words back+log. In which Back means reappear and Log means Collection. 

Backlog certificate is the summary of the student’ academic (graduation or post graduation) backs. In case if a student didn’t appear in the exam due to sickness or any other reason they then also back is given to that student, in which he/she can give the exam of that particular subject. 

Backlog certificate format

Backlogs are not counted based on how many attempts to clear a paper but instead the number of subjects you haven’t cleared. 

Backlog certificates are issued by your institution or university. There are many brokers on the ground who claim to provide backlog certificates through unfair means which are totally fraudulent and misleading certificates. 

If a student failed in any subject during his/her graduation or post graduation then it is counted as a back and a back exam/paper is conducted as a compartment exam in which the student is supposed to pass for further studies. 

Their back papers that are not of times he/she failed is considered as back. 

This collection of backs is known as backlog. 

Need of Backlog certificate

There are several institutions in India which require a backlog certificate or summary of the student who seeks admission for further studies but this is not very common in India. 

While foreign institutions always demand a backlog summary from the students before confirming their admission. Some colleges accept five to six backs while some more reputed colleges accept 2 to 3 backs, it depends from college to college. 

That’s why, for proving your numbers of backs you are asked to submit your original backlog certificate from your previous academic institution or university. 

Sometimes understudies apply for Student VISA for foreign studies, there may be a need for producing a Backlog summary before the officers in order to confirm your VISA. 

What is No Backlog Certificate 

Students who haven’t failed in any subject but also appeared in Exam are considered as No Back. These students don’t have any back summary. In this case a NO BACKLOG CERTIFICATE is issued which clarifies that particular student has passed all exams without any back exam. 

How to get Backlog Certificate 

If you want to get a backlog certificate, then you have to appear in your academic institution with all your documents like admission certificates, college certificates, ID proofs, College Results etc to prove that you had studies in that institution. 

There you will be given an application form which you need to fill on your own with all genuine details as given in your documents. After this your application will go through verification about your details filled in. 

Then, the Certificate issuing authority will ask you about your personal details in the form of documents and after a very short time they will give your Backlog certificate. 


As a student it is advisable to collect all your certificates and reports from college or university just after the completion of your degree because it may create lots of problems when you don’t have any particular certificate which is asked to submit in any work(career related, overseas studies ) in future. 

backlog certificate format pdf

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