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Cleat cute meryl wilsner pdf: Are you a fan of the heartwarming camaraderie in “Ted Lasso” or the competitive spirit of “A League of Their Own”? If so, get ready to fall head over cleats for “Cleat Cute”!   

In this sapphic rivals-to-lovers rom-com, the pitch becomes the stage for an epic love story. Meet Grace Henderson, a soccer superstar at the tender age of 26, and Phoebe Matthews, the spirited 22-year-old newcomer. They’re teammates, but they’re also rivals… until sparks fly in unexpected ways.   

Cleat cute meryl wilsner pdf

Grace, the seasoned pro, has lost her joy for the game, while Phoebe embodies the exuberance Grace once had. When an injury benches Grace, it’s Phoebe who takes her spot and her heart by storm.   

But this romance isn’t just about soccer; it’s about navigating the tricky terrain of rivals turning into something more. With the World Cup on the horizon, misunderstandings, miscommunication, and passionate tackles take center stage. Will they choose love over competition?   

Get ready for a hilarious rollercoaster ride filled with wit, banter, and sizzling chemistry. Meryl Wilsner’s “Cleat Cute” is a must-read for anyone who loves the thrill of the game and the rush of romance. Whether it’s goals on the field or scoring in matters of the heart, this book proves that sometimes you have to be brave enough to win both.    

Are you ready to cheer for Grace and Phoebe as they aim for victory in love and soccer? Pre-order your copy now and get ready to kick off the perfect blend of funny and steamy this fall! 

About cleat cute a novel pdf 

Book Name Cleat Cute
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 336
Language English 
Author   Meryl Wilsner
Publication September 19, 2023
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