The Last Devil to Die PDF

The last devil to die pdf download: Exciting News for Mystery Lovers! Get ready for another thrilling adventure with the Thursday Murder Club! In the highly anticipated fourth installment of this bestselling series, the mastermind behind the captivating mysteries, Richard Osman, is back to keep you on the edge of your seat.  

A fresh enigma unfurls in the fourth installment of the Thursday Murder Club series by the bestselling author Richard Osman, whose works have sold millions of copies.

The last devil to die pdf download

In the world of the Thursday Murder Club, tranquility is a rare luxury. Shocking tidings reach them—news of the demise of an old friend, along with the vanishing of a perilous parcel he was safeguarding.

Their quest propels the group into the labyrinthine world of antiques, where the stratagems of the trade are as aged as the artifacts themselves.

Amid encounters with narcotics traffickers, masterful art forgers, and cunning online swindlers, and beset by personal heartaches, Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron, and Ibrahim grapple with the shadowy question of trust.

The last devil to die pdf free

As the tally of the deceased escalates, the inexorable march of time quickens, and adversities loom ever closer, the once-charmed quartet ponders whether their fortunes have finally soured.

In this unfolding drama, who will emerge as the last figure standing in this perilous game of wits and fate?

Grab your magnifying glass and prepare for another rollercoaster ride with these beloved amateur sleuths. Will they crack the case and reveal the truth? Find out in this page-turner that promises to keep you guessing until the very end.   

Pre-order your copy now and get ready for a riveting mystery that will leave you eagerly turning each page! 

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Book Name The Last Devil to Die: A Thursday Murder Club Mystery
Author  Richard Osman
Format PDF
Pages 284
Size mb 
Release date September 19, 2023
Language English
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