Easy Money Ben Mckenzie PDF

Easy money ben mckenzie pdf: Prepare for a thrilling and eye-opening exploration of the world of cryptocurrency as two seasoned experts—a renowned actor and an experienced journalist—team up to expose one of the greatest frauds in history. Brace yourself for a wild ride as they unveil the impending crash that awaits this volatile industry. 

Easy Money offers an immersive, on-the-ground perspective of a perfect storm brewing—a storm reminiscent of the 2008 Housing Bubble but potentially ten times more devastating than the infamous Bernie Madoff scandal.  

Easy money ben mckenzie pdf

Through captivating storytelling, the book unravels tales of irresponsibility, criminal fraud, and the very real possibility of widespread devastation. Join Ben McKenzie and Jacob Silverman on this thrilling journey as they shed light on the underbelly of the cryptocurrency world.  

Easy Money provides a compelling account of the imminent crash that looms on the horizon, a crash that could reshape the financial landscape and expose the truth behind this captivating yet perilous phenomenon.  

During the peak of the pandemic, beloved TV star Ben McKenzie (known for his roles in The O.C. and Gotham) found himself an unwitting target for the allure of cryptocurrency. 

Easy money ben mckenzie epub

As a father confined at home with some disposable income and concerns for his family’s future, he succumbed to the enticing promise of quick riches, despite his background in economics.  Principles of Economics Saifedean Ammous PDF

The concept of taking power away from banks, the potential for improved democracy, and the fear of missing out (FOMO) all propelled McKenzie into a deep dive into the world of blockchain, Bitcoin, and the myriad other coins and exchanges.  

Their investigation weaves together tales of ordinary traders and victims, eccentric crypto enthusiasts, influential figures in Hollywood who are true believers, courageous whistleblowers who expose the dark side of the crypto world, and government agents racing against time to find solutions before a major crash. 

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Book Name Easy Money: Cryptocurrency, Casino Capitalism, and the Golden Age of Fraud
Author Ben McKenzie, Jacob Silverman
Format PDF
Pages 304
Size mb 
Release date July 18, 2023
Language English
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