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The jasad heir pdf download: In a realm entwined with forbidden sorcery and cunning monarchs, a queen on the run strikes a perilous bargain with her kingdom’s greatest adversary, plunging herself into a treacherous game that holds the power to either resurrect her ravaged realm or reduce it to smoldering ruins.  

“The Scorched Throne” by Sara Hashem is an enthralling debut in the enemies-to-lovers fantasy genre, captivating fans of “Fourth Wing” and “The Jasmine Throne.”  

The jasad heir pdf download

The scorched kingdom is on the brink of resurgence, and Sylvia finds herself torn between the life she has fought to build and the one she left behind. 

At a tender age of ten, the Heir of Jasad flees from a brutal massacre that claims the lives of her entire kin.  

By the time she reaches fifteen, she has already buried her first victim.  

At the precipice of twenty, Sylvia is running out of chances to find a new home. The armies of Nizahl have mercilessly devastated Jasad and outlawed the use of magic throughout the remaining four kingdoms. Fortunately, Sylvia possesses a mastery over magic that allows her to blend seamlessly into the shadows.  

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When the Heir of Nizahl traces a band of Jasadis to Sylvia’s humble village, the tranquil existence she has painstakingly crafted begins to unravel. Arin, calculating and icy, surpasses all in his tactical brilliance, harboring an intense hatred for magic.  

Exposing Sylvia’s powers through an unfortunate mistake, Arin offers her an escape: become Nizahl’s Champion in the formidable Alcalah tournament and secure immunity from persecution. In return, Arin intends to employ her as bait to draw out the Jasadis he seeks.  The Summer Girl An Avalon Bay Novel PDF

To triumph in the deadly Alcalah competition, Sylvia must collaborate with Arin to unleash her magic from its confines, all while evading his relentless pursuit to unmask her true identity.   

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Book Name The Jasad Heir (The Scorched Throne, 1)
Author Sara Hashem
Format PDF
Pages 528
Size mb 
Release date July 18, 2023
Language English
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