Everyone Here Is Lying EPUB

Everyone here is lying epub: Prepare to be enthralled by yet another gripping domestic suspense novel from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of The Couple Next Door.  

Welcome to the idyllic neighborhood of Stanhope—a haven for families seeking safety and tranquility. Meet William Wooler, the picture-perfect family man, or so it seems. Beneath his charming facade, he hides a dark secret—an affair that took a horrifying turn at a nearby motel.  

Everyone here is lying epub

Overwhelmed with devastation and rage, William returns home to encounter an unexpected sight—his challenging nine-year-old daughter, Avery, back from school. In a moment of heated emotions, William loses control.  

Hours pass, and a haunting realization grips the Wooler family—Avery is nowhere to be found. The once safe haven of Stanhope is now fraught with fear and uncertainty.  

As the search for Avery unfolds, it becomes evident that William is not the only one concealing the truth on his street.  

As witnesses come forward with information that may or may not be reliable, the neighbors around Avery’s home begin to unravel, their sanity slipping away.  

Who is responsible for taking Avery Wooler?  Dead Fall Brad Thor EPUB

The truth, when revealed, will leave you astounded and unprepared for the shocking reality that lies beneath the surface in Stanhope. 

About everyone here is lying a novel by shari lapena pdf 

Book Name Everyone Here Is Lying: A Novel
Author  Shari Lapena
Format PDF
Pages 331
Size mb 
Release date July 25, 2023
Language English
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