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Guardian novel by priest pdf: For the very first time, the contemporary fantasy danmei/Boys’ Love trilogy that delves into realms of gods, spirits, and paranormal investigations is available in English! Don’t overlook the opportunity to indulge in the widely acclaimed live-action drama now accessible in English.  

Similarly, don’t miss out on the captivating universe of “Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang,” a creation by the same author (also brought to you by Seven Seas)! 

Guardian novel by priest pdf  

At the helm of a covert branch within the Ministry of Public Security is Zhao Yunlan, an individual tasked with navigating the peculiar and enigmatic.  

The boundaries between the mortal realm and the Netherworld blur as he grapples with cases both strange and supernatural. Underneath his nonchalant demeanor lies a sharp intellect and an arsenal of mystical instruments and arcane wisdom.  

Amid an investigation into a gruesome fatality at a local university, Zhao Yunlan’s path intersects with that of the reticent Professor Shen Wei.  

The allure of Shen Wei’s handsome visage and penetrating gaze captures Zhao Yunlan’s interest instantly, sparking a potent and immediate attraction. Despite Shen Wei’s attempts to keep his distance, their connection grows stronger, as cryptic events conspire to bring them closer together.  

Guardian zhen hun (novel) vol. 1 pdf 

Shen Wei, bearing enigmatic secrets, becomes a puzzle that Zhao Yunlan is determined to solve.  

This trilogy of supernatural tales originating from China, woven around the desires shared between two men (danmei), has been translated into numerous languages and has even served as the inspiration for a phenomenal live-action series bearing the same title.  

The masterful author Priest, whose literary feats include “Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang” and “Faraway Wanderers/Word of Honor,” is the architect behind this captivating journey. The Seven Seas English edition will feature exclusive, brand-new cover art and interior illustrations. 

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Book Name Guardian: Zhen Hun (Novel) Vol. 1
Author  Priest
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 412
Language English
Release date August 29, 2023
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