I Am Gita Deep Trivedi Book PDF

I am gita deep trivedi book pdf: “I am Gita” stands as a trailblazing tome on the Bhagavad Gita, delving into the core of all 700 shlokas, unveiling their psychological and spiritual depths holistically.  

This work presents Arjuna’s queries in the first person, with Krishna reciprocating likewise, breathing life into their dialogue. The book, conveyed in a lucid language reminiscent of a gripping tale, serves as a conduit for individuals of all ages to effortlessly grasp the Gita’s authentic essence.  

I am gita deep trivedi book pdf

Just moments before the onset of the Mahabharata war, Arjuna’s poignant words resonate, “I cannot bring myself to slay my own kin or perpetrate violence merely for a kingdom; even the sacred scriptures advise against such acts!” 

  • Do you find resonance with Arjuna’s sentiment? 
  • Why did Krishna counter Arjuna’s stance? 
  • Did Krishna incite Arjuna into the battle or illuminate the righteous path? 
  • Could there be valid justifications for resorting to violence and embarking on warfare? 
  • Who stands on firmer ground—Krishna or Arjuna? 
  • Why did it necessitate 18 chapters for Krishna to sway Arjuna’s resolve? 

I am gita deep trivedi pdf 

Undoubtedly, the Gita is singular, yet the inquiries it raises are manifold! The Gita stands as a pinnacle of psychology, with Krishna marking the inception of human history’s psychology. In truth, it is spiritual psychology that can aptly decode the myriad queries concerning the psyche and existence. Paradoxically, the psychological dimensions of the Gita have remained overshadowed. 

Deep Trivedi, renowned for his bestsellers including ‘I am Krishna,’ ‘I am The Mind,’ ‘Everything is Psychology,’ and more, spearheads this endeavor.  

Holding an international record for conducting exhaustive 168-hour workshops on the Bhagavad Gita, he has been bestowed with an Honorary Doctorate for his profound exploration of the Gita’s psychological facets. 

This magnum opus is accessible in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati at prominent bookstores and leading e-commerce platforms. 

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Book Name I am Gita
Author Name  Deep Trivedi
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 248
Language English
Publication Aatman Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

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