Lingashtakam Stotram PDF

Lingashtakam stotram pdf: Lingashtakam is a Hindu devotional hymn (stotra) dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is traditionally attributed to the sage Agastya and is considered to be one of the most sacred hymns in Shaivism, the branch of Hinduism that worships Lord Shiva.

The hymn consists of eight verses (Ashtakam) and is usually recited or chanted during prayers, puja (worship) and other religious rituals. The hymn praises Lord Shiva’s power, glory and benevolence and also expresses the devotee’s longing for his blessings and guidance. 

Lingashtakam stotram pdf

The Lingashtakam is recited by many devotees of Lord Shiva as part of their daily worship and is also recited during special occasions such as Maha Shivaratri, a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The hymn is believed to have the power to bestow blessings, peace and prosperity on those who recite it with devotion.   

The hymn begins with a description of Lord Shiva’s physical form and his various attributes including his long-matted hair, his trident and serpent and his third eye.

Lingashtakam telugu pdf

It then goes on to praise his power as the creator, preserver and destroyer of the universe and his role as the ultimate teacher and guide.  

Each verse of the hymn ends with the phrase Lingashtakam which means “eight verses in praise of Lord Shiva’s Linga” (Linga is a symbol of Lord Shiva).   

The hymn is considered as highly powerful to remove obstacles and bring prosperity in one’s life. Its recitation is also considered auspicious. The hymn is also considered to be very powerful in removing negative energy and protection from evil forces. 

Reciting the Lingashtakam is believed to have many benefits for the devotee, both spiritual and material.

Some of the benefits associated with reciting the hymn include:   

  • Removal of obstacles: The hymn is believed to help remove obstacles and difficulties in one’s life and bring peace and prosperity.  
  • Protection from evil: It’s believed to protect the devotee from evil forces and negative energy.   
  • Spiritual growth: The hymn is believed to help the devotee attain spiritual growth and enlightenment by increasing devotion and surrender to Lord Shiva.  
  • Removal of sins: The hymn is believed to help remove past sins and purify the mind and soul.  
  • Healing: The hymn is believed to have healing power and can be used for physical and mental healing. 
  • Fulfillment of desires: The hymn is believed to help fulfill the devotee’s desires and bring blessings and guidance from Lord Shiva.  
  • Attainment of Moksha: The hymn is believed to help the devotee attain Moksha or liberation from the cycle of birth and death. 

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