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Identity by nora roberts pdf: There is a new novel by New York Times-bestselling author Nora Roberts that is scheduled to be released May 23, 2023. The cover title of the book is Identity: A Novel that will be available in several formats including kindle, audiobook, paperback and audio cd.  

Let’s take some highlights from the book synopsis to grab some idea about the book synopsis and know about the novel story.  

Identity by nora roberts pdf

Morgan Albright, a former Army brat, has finally found a sense of belonging in a friendly neighborhood near Baltimore. With the help of her friend and roommate Nina, along with her job as a bartender, Morgan is able to make ends meet and pay the mortgage.

However, the tranquility of her carefully constructed life comes crashing down after hosting a dinner party, attended by Luke, an IT guy who had been charming her at the bar.  

In a devastating turn of events, Morgan’s world is shattered when the back door is shattered, valuable possessions vanish, her car disappears, and worst of all, Nina is found lifeless on the floor. The horrifying truth gradually unravels: Morgan unknowingly welcomed a malicious predator into her life.  

Identity nora roberts epub

“Luke” is, in fact, a heartless con artist named Gavin, specializing in targeting vulnerable women, stealing their assets and identities, and ultimately carrying out his sinister goal: murder.  

The revelations shared by the FBI leave Morgan chilled to the core. Nina was an unfortunate casualty, as she was not Gavin’s intended victim. Morgan was the one he had set his sights on all along.  

With no other choice, Morgan is forced to flee to her mother’s home in Vermont, seeking refuge. As she struggles to rebuild her life from scratch, she crosses paths with Miles Jameson, a man who lacks flashiness or flirtation.  

His family’s local business has deep roots in the town. However, Morgan remains haunted by the knowledge that Gavin is still out there, hunting for new victims, and he hasn’t forgotten the one who got away. 

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Book Name Identity: A Novel
Author  Nora Roberts
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 448
Language English
Release date May 23, 2023


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