If Only I Had Told Her Laura Nowlin PDF

If only i had told her laura nowlin pdf: Immersed in intense emotions and filled with gripping moments, Laura Nowlin’s companion novel to the USA Today and New York Times Bestseller, If He Had Been with Me, explores the complexities of love that both shatter and mend our souls.

With a narrative that resonates with fans of Colleen Hoover and Jenny Han, this tale is an enthralling journey. There is a new novel called If Only I Had Told Her is set to release on October 3, 2023.   

If only i had told her laura nowlin pdf

Regret lingers within me, echoing the words left unsaid―if only I had expressed my love years ago, my present wouldn’t be so painful. 

Finn has adored Autumn for as long as he can remember. She surpasses being merely the girl next door or the daughter of his mother’s closest friend; she is his entire world. However, Sylvie occupies the role of Finn’s girlfriend, and he would never want to inflict any harm upon her. Consequently, Autumn remains unaware of the depths of his true feelings.  

Yet, Finn’s best friend, Jack, harbors doubts. He has witnessed the undeniable connection between Finn and Autumn. How could she possibly be oblivious? Moreover, how can Jack offer the support and protection Finn needs when heartache seems inevitable?   

Autumn finds solace amidst her collection of books, yearning to script her own destiny. However, life does not always grant us fresh chapters, and fate can be merciless to those consumed by love.   

Through the perspectives of three different individuals, If Only I Had Told Her weaves a love story brimming with authenticity, tragedy, and the unexpected bonds that nurture and mend our wounded hearts. 

About if only i had told her laura nowlin epub

Book Name If Only I Had Told Her
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 300
Language English 
Author   Laura Nowlin
Publication October 3, 2023

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