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Hunted suzanne wright read online: “The Dark in You” is an urban fantasy series written by Suzanne Wright. The series focuses on a world inhabited by supernatural beings, particularly demons and follows the story of powerful demon characters and their relationships.  

There is a new novel in the series is going to release on July 6, 2023. This is the 9 book of the series whose cover title is Hunted. The series explores the intricate dynamics and struggles within the demon world, including the balance between their dark nature and the desire for love and connection.  

Hunted suzanne wright read online

The books in “The Dark in You” series delve into themes of redemption, acceptance and the battle between good and evil. 

Some of the books in “The Dark in You” series include:  

Burn: The first book introduces us to the main characters, Harper Wallis, a fiery demon, and Knox Thorne, a powerful alpha demon. Harper is haunted by her past, and Knox is determined to protect her from the dangers that lurk in the demon world.  

Blaze: This book continues the story of Harper and Knox as they face new challenges and threats. Their relationship grows stronger as they navigate the dangerous landscape of demons and uncover dark secrets.  

Embers: In this installment, the focus shifts to the story of Harper’s sister, Ivy, and a demon named Adrian. Ivy possesses a unique ability that makes her a target, and Adrian becomes her protector as they embark on a dangerous journey.  

Author’s writing style often includes steamy scenes, complex characters, and an engaging plot within the urban fantasy genre. 

About read hunted by suzanne wright 

Book Name Hunted (The Dark in You Book 9)
Author suzanne wright
Format PDF
Size mb 
Release date July 6, 2023
Language English

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