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Business or pleasure pdf download: Business or Pleasure is a contemporary romance novel written by Rachel Lynn Solomon. The book explores the complexities of balancing professional aspirations with personal desires. It is set to release on July 4, 2023 in multiple formats including kindle, paperback and audiobook.   

Rachel Lynn Solomon is an acclaimed author known for her heartfelt and nuanced storytelling. Her works often delve into themes of identity, relationships, and personal growth.  

Business or pleasure pdf download

It showcases her talent for crafting compelling romance narratives, it also explores the challenges individuals face when trying to strike a balance between their professional ambitions and their emotional lives. 

In “Business or Pleasure,” the main character faces a career opportunity that could potentially advance her professional goals.  

However, this opportunity comes with a catch: she must collaborate with someone she has a complicated romantic history with.  

As they work together, they navigate their unresolved feelings and conflicting desires, blurring the line between business and pleasure. 

Synopsis of the Business or Pleasure 

Chandler Cohen finds herself embodying the very essence of a “ghostwriter” when she attends a book signing for a work she penned, only to be unrecognized by the author herself.  

The evening takes an unexpected turn when she encounters a captivating individual at the bar, instantly forming a deep connection with him.  

However, as their intense chemistry leads to an incredibly awkward encounter, Chandler resolves that this night is best left in the shadows, a fleeting memory to be forgotten. 

About business or pleasure epub 

Book Name Business or Pleasure
Author  Rachel Lynn Solomon
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 384
Language English
Release date July 4, 2023

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